Taylor Swift Fan Goes Viral On TikTok For Looking Exactly Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in You Need To Calm Down Music Video
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Why write nine studio albums, win 11 Grammy awards and headline shows around the world, when you already look like someone who has? There’s apparently a one in 135 chance that we all have a doppelgänger roaming around on Earth at the same time as we do and one TikTok user hit the jackpot since she shares a likeness with one of the most recognizable faces in the world: Taylor Swift.

We’ve recently seen a Scarlett Johansson lookalike fool fans and another perfectly embody Jennifer Aniston on TikTok. Now meet Taylor Swift’s doppelgänger, a nurse named Ashley with a husband and kids. The resemblance is too close for comfort:


The TikToker went viral earlier this month when one of her videos earned over 300,000 likes for confusing Swifties everywhere. Many fans had to do a double take when their eyes first told them that they were watching the 31-year-old singer dancing to “Kiss Me More” and revealing that she uses a bathtub to wash clothes. Here’s the video:


I can see why the confusion may have happened. The TikToker who goes by @traumarn13 makes a convincing Taylor Swift between her facial features, makeup, hairstyling and movements. Basically everything about her look screams Swift, except for the fact that the real singer likely would only post videos of her adorable cats if she had a TikTok.

Ashley refers to herself as a professional celebrity lookalike and sells T-shirts that say “Swift Life” on them. She has pulled off a number of Taylor Swift’s iconic looks recently such as the singer’s getup from her “22” music video and her 1989 era. Check out another one of her videos:


Yeah, that doesn’t get old. The comparisons are too much! As of late, this kind of celebrity impressionism has become more popular online. Along with doppelgängers of famous faces making themselves known and dressing up as their more famous lookalikes, there’s also a number of insane deepfakes that replace one celebrity face on top of a memorable movie scene like Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland replacing the roles of Doc and Marty in Back to the Future.

Of course, these kinds of social media posts can be confusing to fans who are always looking out for more announcements from someone like Taylor Swift. The singer is currently taking a break from the spotlight after an unexpectedly major year in her career. In 2020, Swift released two surprise albums that she wrote from home and released a concert film on Disney+ about it.

Early this year, Taylor Swift re-released her second album Fearless following her first six albums being sold by Scooter Braun. She plans to re-release her 2012 album Red on November 19.

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