The Marvel Villain Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight May Introduce In Disney+ Series

With Marvel's Moon Knight TV series currently filming, it's only a matter of time until fans get an onslaught of new information about the characters and plot. Up until this point, however, Oscar Isaac's upcoming superhero project has been suffering from a complete dearth of details. But it looks like we may now know who one of Moon Knight's adversaries will be in the Disney+ adaptation, and it's fittingly someone from the comic books.

It appears as if Moon Knight will be introducing the not-exactly-prolific Marvel villain Midnight Man, a.k.a. Anton Mogart, in its first season. And if his CV listing is to be believed on the Hamilton Hodell website (via Murphy's Multiverse), French actor and model Gaspard Ulliel will be the person bringing Midnight Man to live-action to try and put the smackdown on Oscar Isaac's hero. Since this seems like the kind of notation that Marvel might try and squash until the casting is publicly announced, here's a shot of it for posterity.

gaspard ulliel's cv with moon knight listing

This is interesting from both a character and a casting perspective. Horror fans probably know Gaspard Ulliel best from playing Hannibal Lecter in the 2007 prequel Hannibal Rising, and his voice was prominently utilized in an episode of Don't Breathe director Fede Álvarez's Apple TV+ series Calls. So while he's not exactly a household name here in the U.S., he's got enough overall cred to turn Midnight Man into a promising TV villain that totally overshadows the source material. In the same vein, he might be just famous enough to serve as an early villain who gets quickly and shockingly dispatched.

The comic book character's heritage could speak to his importance on the TV show. Anton Mogart was first introduced in Moon Knight #3 back in 1981, and then eight years later, Mogart's son Jeffrey Wilde was introduced in Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4. But rather than start out as Moon Knight's foe, Wilde was brought in as Midnight, the main hero's teammate. A-a-a-and then he later became a villain. But that's for another conversation. The point here is, the fact that Anton Mogart's story expands to another generation may make him a suitable big bad for the TV series.

Until Marvel or Disney+ comments on the matter, I suppose it doesn't pay to spend too much time thinking about what the real answers are. But considering Moon Knight doesn't have the most recognizable rogues gallery outside of villains shared with other characters, creator Jeremy Slater might as well take it back to the early days by bringing Mogart in.

Moon Knight isn't set to debut its six-episode first season on Disney+ until 2022, but fans can first look forward to seeing more from Marvel in the meantime, including the multiverse-bending Marvel's What If...? on Wednesday, August 11, as well as everything else coming to the 2021 Fall TV schedule.

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