Hawkeye's Jeremy Renner Reveals Why Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop Is Clint's 'Biggest Problem'

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Marvel fans have been waiting a long time to finally meet Kate Bishop in a live-action story, and with the Hawkeye TV show coming along soon, they'll finally get the chance. While we don't know much about the Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld starring series just yet, we do know that, just like in the comics, Clint Barton will be training Kate. But, Renner just revealed that, as it turns out, she's actually going to be his "biggest problem" in the Disney+ series.

Rumors, theories, and assumptions about what, exactly, will bring Clint and Kate together (as well as the threat or threats they will fight) have abounded since Hawkeye was first announced back in the summer of 2019. While the picture is a teensy bit clearer now that we know Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova will be involved, we still don't know just how much trouble there's going to be in the new show for the (presumably exhausted) Avenger and his new mentee. When speaking about Hawkeye with Entertainment Weekly, Jeremy Renner opened up about his character's relationship with Kate, and said:

[Kate is] a 22-year-old kid and she's a big Hawkeye fan. She has a wonderfully annoying and equally charming manner about her, because she's such a fangirl of Hawkeye. The relationship grows from that, but the biggest problem for Clint is Kate Bishop and the onslaught of problems that she brings into his life.

Ooooh. Well, it sounds a lot like Clint is going to be spending at least some of his time chilling on that farm with his family before he somehow meets up with Kate, with whatever missions he has prior to that being dealt with rather easily. Then, once he takes the fangirl on and begins to mentor her, that's when his real problems will begin. Some Black Widow SPOILERS ARE AHEAD, so step away for a bit if you haven't seen it yet!

OK, ready? Well, remember those threats to Clint and (probably) Kate I mentioned a little bit ago? If you've watched all of Black Widow, you'll know that one of them, at least at the beginning, will likely be Natasha's sister in badassery, Yelena. During the Black Widow end credits scene of that film, Yelena was visiting Nat's grave when our new friend, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, popped up to give her a new assignment: killing Clint Barton. Val probably convinced Yelena of the mission by blaming Clint for Natasha's death, regardless of why the shady lady actually wants him out of the way. 

End spoilers!

From what Jeremy Renner said during his interview, it seems as though Kate will either lead Yelena to him, or they'll happen to show up in his life around the same time by accident. Either way, I can absolutely see the elder archer putting some of the blame for his brand new troubles on Kate, even as he takes her under his wing.

Hawkeye is now set to hit Disney+ on November 24, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday. While we await more info on the upcoming series, check out our 2021 fall TV schedule to see what else is coming to the small screen soon!

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