Netflix's Addams Family TV Show Has Found Its Gomez Addams, And It's An A+ Choice

Some iconic actors have played the role of Gomez Addams over the years on both the large and small screens, so the pressure was on Netflix's upcoming new take on The Addams Family to find the right man to fill Gomez's shoes. Now, the new show – called Wednesday and produced by Tim Burton himself – has cast its Gomez, and he's bound to be a great addition.

Luis Guzmán, known for projects like Traffic, Shameless, and Code Black, has been cast as the newest live-action take on Gomez Addams, according to Collider. Guzmán picks up the reins on a role that has been embodied by the likes of John Astin in the original Addams Family television series, Raul Julia in a number of Addams Family movies, as well as Tim Curry of Clue and the 1990 IT miniseries. On the animation front, Star Wars' Oscar Isaac voices the character.

Despite how often Gomez Addams has been portrayed in the past, however, there's no way that Luis Guzmán's take won't be exceedingly original, as the upcoming Netflix show will be unlike any other Addams Family project that has come before. Wednesday will follow Wednesday Addams' years studying at the Nevermore Academy, all while trying to master her psychic abilities, solve a mystery involving her parents going back a quarter of a century, and the little matter of stopping a killing spree that has been thinning the ranks of a local town.

Plus, as one would expect from any show about a teenager in a version of high school, there will be complicated relationships. Billed as a combination of mystery, comedy, and fantasy, Wednesday will surely be one-of-a-kind when it premieres with Luis Guzmán as Gomez. Jenna Ortega of Yes Day and You landed the role of Wednesday Addams, famously played by Christina Ricci on the big screen.

There is no news just yet about who will play Morticia Addams, but if Wednesday is going to look into a mystery involving her parents from 25 years ago and Gomez has been cast, it's probably safe to say that Morticia will have a part to play as well. Luis Guzmán is a casting that few could have seen coming, but really suggests a fresh take that searched for the right kinds of actors rather than any kind of stunt casting.

Of course, Wednesday has a big enough name behind it already thanks to Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands director Tim Burton, who is on board as executive producer and will make his TV directing debut for the project, which will run for eight episodes. Wednesday was created by former Smallville executive producers Al Gough and Miles Millar, who will also serve as showrunners on the new series. Wednesday is truly beginning to take shape as one of multiple awesome horror TV shows on the way to Netflix.

Unfortunately, no premiere date for Wednesday has been announced just yet, so there's no end set for the wait to see this new take on The Addams Family. For now, however, be sure to swing by our 2021 fall TV premiere schedule for some upcoming viewing options!

Laura Hurley
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