Hallmark’s Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Which Of Her Christmas Movies Is Her Favorite

Hallmark's Candace Cameron

Whether you love them or love to hate them, Hallmark movies are a major guilty pleasure for a lot of people - especially when the Christmas season comes around. Full(er) House star Candace Cameron Bure knows this all too well because she has starred in a whopping nine Christmas Hallmark movies over the years. Now, she has spilled on which ones are her absolute favorites, among a number of other things.

Candace Cameron Bure recently explained that she loves a couple different aspects of her Hallmark Christmas movies, both the supernatural and magical elements that some have and the sentimental value of others - both traits are definitely understandable for a holiday film. However, for Cameron Bure, there's one film that still trumps the rest, in her mind. Here's what the Hallmark star's said during her recent chat with US Weekly:

I really love both, which if you notice in my movies, it’s kind of one or the other. It’s either going to be the magical element, which was like A Shoe Addict’s Christmas or Christmas Under Wraps — and I love that the magical mystery of Christmas — but I really love the sentiment. I love the heartwarming stories. I loved Christmas Town when [the stories] are just more meaningful. I think that those are also my favorite and A Journey Back to Christmas as well. But I have to say, I think my all-time favorite, I always go back and forth, but I think it’s A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. For me, working with Jean Smart was an unbelievable experience. She’s phenomenal.

As far as Candace Cameron Bure is concerned, Hallmark Christmas movies are much more than just a guilty pleasure; based on her words, she really seems to enjoy and love the work she has done in the genre. It even sounds like she'd also be up for making a sequel to her favorite of her films, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, which was released back in 2018. She further explained the major motivator behind wanting to do a follow-up:

I would do A Shoe Addict’s Christmas 2, for sure. Just at the chance to work with Jean Smart. But that was so funny, she’s like my little fairy godmother, so that would be a good one.

Candace Cameron Bure is currently the star of another Hallmark production, the TV film series Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, and is not officially linked to any future Hallmark Christmas films at the moment. That, of course, doesn’t mean the actress is done with the genre because, just as the actress loves doing them, Hallmark seems to love casting her as a Christmas lead - and maybe the network will even greenlight a sequel to her fave.

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