Kim Kardashian Corrected Ellen DeGeneres For Assuming Her Son’s Chain Is Fake, And The Internet Has Thoughts

Kim Kardashian is stirring up debate in the Internet ethers once again. But this time, it's not over alien eyebrows, eccentric outfits, or her soon to be ex-husband, Kanye West. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star was speaking candidly with Ellen DeGeneres, and things got a little awkward when she had to correct the talk show host’s assumption about her toddler son's chain supposedly being fake. The social media reactions to the snafu have ranged from questioning to highly amused.

It was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is in the midst of its final season, that the host brought up a pic of Kim Kardashian's two-year-old son, Psalm, wearing a massive gold chain. True to the format and tone of the show, DeGeneres threw some harmless commentary Kardashian’s way. Not only did DeGeneres repeatedly call the chain “fake” but also mentioned that it “looked like a wrestler’s belt.” Kardashian immediately shut down the insinuations, with a smile, and Twitter is having an absolute field day:

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The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is perhaps most notorious on her reality show for ugly-crying over losing a $75,000 diamond earring in the ocean. (Not exactly for always running late, as she herself seems to think.) So when Kim Kardashian had to clarify that her son Psalm’s chain was real, like really real, fans hilariously reacted by shading her expensive persona. As can be seen here, where she was compared to an iced-out Soulja Boy:

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For the most part, though, the Internet appreciated Kim Kardashian with the quick retort. The reality TV star laughed off Ellen DeGeneres’ assumption that the chain in question was fake but hilariously emphasized, multiple times, that it was most assuredly not. See this Twitter user’s reaction:

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On the opposite end of the Internet, certain fans were apparently seeing straight through the fake chain segment. Many actually pointed out that it was clearly a set up punchline because Kim Kardashian's billionaire-status is well known, as is her tendency to buy lavish items for her kids. Others considered it shady on Ellen DeGeneres’ part and wondered why she would even consider it would be fake.

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Along with addressing the karat value of her son's chain, Kim Kardashian also addressed her sister Kourtney Kardashian's relationship while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She didn't seem to care as much as the rest of the world that Kourtney and her boyfriend Travis Barker have seemingly been making out on nearly every continent in recent months. In fact, Kim said it was “cute” and that she “loves them” together.

But Kravis (or is it Tratney?) and gold chains notwithstanding, I'm still kind of freaked out by Kim Kardashian’s style choices lately. If she's willing to show up as Batman to the Met Gala, then who's to say what more she's capable of. Maybe Psalm’s chain really is fake after all and the joke is on us...

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