Why Kim Kardashian Probably Wasn't Too Upset About Kanye West's Alleged Cheating Lyric After Donda Release

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Keeping up with the Kardashians may be over now, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still making headlines in the midst of their divorce. More details surrounding their marital issues are seemingly coming out, and not just through the grapevine, but via West's rabidly anticipated new album Donda. One song caused a story for including a lyric that supposedly refers to West cheating on Kardashian after their first two kids were born. Nevertheless, Kardashian hasn't appeared to be as upset over the matter as some fans have been in the aftermath of the album's release.

Specifically, Kanye West rapped in the song “Hurricane” about being “with a new chick” and “still playin’ after two kids.” If West’s bars are to be taken at face value on Donda, then the alleged cheating took place sometime between 2015 and 2017. While initial rumors indicated that Kim Kardashian was very upset by the lyrical blindside, a more recent report claims the opposite - that Kardashian has been calm and supportive about Donda’s release because she was already aware of the lyric's placement well ahead of time. According to Us Weekly:

She wouldn’t be promoting something unless she knew all the lyrics. She wasn’t blindsided, but it is what it is. She’s known her whole marriage/life with Kanye that he’s an open book and there’s nothing she could ever do to stop him from saying whatever he wants. But she had a heads-up.

Kim Kardashian has, in fact, been very supportive in the past few months of Kanye West's musical career, despite their impending divorce. She attended all three of the Donda listening parties prior to its release and, at the last event, seemingly participated in the lyrics’ wink and nod at their marriage. Some reports even indicate that Kardashian had creative input in the album, which would give credence to the idea that she had a heads up on the cheating lyric. Perhaps she shared her thoughts about its inclusion at the time.

Cheating allegations tend to follow celebrities, regardless of if they are even true or not. Denying them is almost always a whole lot easier than admitting to them, though. In the past, Kanye West was accused of having affair with YouTube star Jeffree Star, who has flat out denied the speculation. Even Kim Kardashian had to shoot down claims made by Shanna Moakler that she'd slept with Travis Barker prior to his relationship with her sister Kourtney Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian has yet to speak publicly on the validity of the supposed Donda cheating lyric. On social media, she's up to her usual bikini pics and brand self-promotion. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians vet also recently congratulated her sister Kylie Jenner on her Instagram stories over the announcement of her second baby, saying, "OMGGGGG more babies!!!!" Meanwhile, Kanye West is in an all-out rap feud with Drake, who seemingly retaliated recently by using an apparent Kim Kardashian lookalike in a music video.

The goings on in Kim Kardashian's life are, at the very least, never boring. But where is that secret Hulu project at? (And will it hopefully include more cryptic and slight responses to the public speculation about herself and marriage to Kanye West?)

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