Halloween Comes Early As Kim Kardashian Rolls Up To New York Fashion Week In Leather And A Mask

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Kim Kardashian is the master of marketing herself, and I will not be moved from this position. She so frequently wears and does outlandish things that our heads aren't so much turned as completely flipped upside down, making us all look like possessed characters in a horror film. Kardashian has in fact brought the spirit of Halloween early this year via her latest outfit for New York Fashion Week. (And the mask and all the leather kind of scares me.)

Technically, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star left her home in Calabasas for New York Fashion Week, but she might as well be in Haddonfield, Illinois. (Otherwise known as the birthplace of Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise.) Yet surprisingly, Kim Kardashian seems to want to play the role of the slasher, not the slashed, in this new version. See her sickening head-to-toe leather ensemble, including fetish mask, below:

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I have absolutely no shame in admitting that Kim Kardashian's eerie New York Fashion Week outfit is slightly intimidating. The reality star seems to be moving into her next style evolution, which may or may not be Kanye West’s doing, depending on who you ask. At the Donda album listening parties, Kardashian wore first an all-red, full leather body jumpsuit, then another one but black with a mask similar to what we're seeing today, and finally a fully veiled Bride of Divorce gown. Perhaps Kardashian’s new Halloween-inspired fashion is trying to tell us something?

It would certainly be refreshing if Kim Kardashian was taking up leather and masks a way to deny access to her personhood as a celebrity. Similarly, Paris Hilton shared during a Hot Ones interview that she bought a special kind of material to wear that actually deflects paparazzi’s flashes and ruins photos taken of her. To be fair, though, Kardashian was the one to create the massive interest in her body and person in the first place, and actively takes time to fuel it. (She did take these pics of her new outfit, not some paparazzi, so maybe there’s no deeper meaning than Kardashian wanting to step on our necks in stilettos and leather.)

Kim Kardashian’s slightly S&M outfit might have been initially inspired by Kanye West (and his creative team), but the two are still heading for divorce. Reports indicated that the “Hurricane” song on the Donda album was West admitting to cheating during their marriage, to the shock of many. But apparently, Kardashian had a heads up about the lyrics before the album's release. Meanwhile, West has been in an all-out feud with rapper Drake, who has seemingly used Kardashian as ammunition.

Either way, Kim Kardashian can still turn some heads, with or without Kanye West. Move over Halloween Kills, there’s a new villain in town, and she’ll cut you with her knife emoji.

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