90 Day Fiancé's Tarik Myers Posts Cryptic Message That Raises Questions About Future With Hazel

Tarik and Hazel 90 Day Fiance
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90 Day Fiancé stars Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan have had their ups and downs within the franchise over their seasons and, at present, it appears things aren’t going well for the two. This observation is all based on a recent social media post that Tarik shared on his Instagram, which, at the very least, suggests the two are on shaky ground at the moment. 

Tarik Myers’ recent posts on his Instagram stories raise some questions about the current state of his marriage with Hazel Cagalitan, which 90 Day Fiancé highlighted in Season 8. In a cryptic post, Myers got candid with his social media followers and apparently revealed how things are between he and his spouse right now:

Hazel does not live with me anymore. She said she is [in] another state with people I don’t know. She is going back to the Philippines. I do know that bc she has no choice. No matter what happened, I ask that you viewers and bloggers leave her alone. Please do not attack her or harass her like you’ve been doing for the past three years.

The news that Hazel Cagalitan isn’t living with her husband is new, though the idea of there being problems in the couple’s relationship is not. During 90 Day Fiancé, Hazel took issue with the fact that Tarik remained in contact with a former lover, who she believed he cared about more than her. She also expressed a desire to have a girlfriend outside of her marriage to Tarik, though her hubby seemed to think it would result in a throuple situation. 

It’s currently unclear what led to the split but, based on Tarik’s message, it does appear that there's a lot to the story that's yet to be told. One interesting part of the statement is Tarik saying Hazel “had no choice” but to return to the Philippines. Is there something pulling her back to her homeland, or is it because an impending divorce means she’ll lose her green card to remain in the United States? 

We can only speculate and mention that this isn’t the first time the couple has had internet drama. The public has witnessed past fights between the two take place over social media and, in most cases, all of the messages are swiftly deleted shortly after, with neither party mentioning what occurred. It’s possible this whole thing could blow over as well, as Tarik shared another message hours after the first, in which he directly addressed his wife:

Hazel. Use your head.

Perhaps Tarik is sending this message publicly because he has no other way of contacting Hazel. The message is admittedly vague, though it seems that he wants his wife to think through a decision she may be considering at this time. Maybe we’ll learn more in the coming days but, for now, it looks like there may be room for concern regarding their future as a married couple. 

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days premieres on TLC starting Sunday, December 12th at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see a new batch of couples hoping to tie the knot, as they contend with the signature drama that comes along with one of reality TV's most riveting shows.

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