After Being Called Out By Britney Spears, Ex-Assistant Talks About Trying To Contact Her

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Since her conservatorship ended, Britney Spears has been very open about her frustrations with some of the people in her life. That anger has mostly been directed at family members including her parents, sister and ex-husband, but earlier this month, she also took some shots at her former assistant Felicia Culotta for talking about her in recent documentaries. The pop singer took to social media and accused her of lying and said it “doesn’t get lower than that”, though she later deleted the tweets.  

This past week, Felicia Culotta was at the Broadway opening of & Julia and was asked if she’s been in contact with Britney Spears. Well, it turns out she not only hasn’t spoken to her since the singer bashed her on social media, she hasn’t been in contact with her for a very long time. The former assistant, who worked with the singer very early in her career, revealed she still writes Spears but has not heard back and doesn’t know if she gets her letters. Here’s a portion of the quote she gave Page Six

I haven’t spoken to her in quite a while… I write all the time. I love handwritten letters. I just hope and pray she gets them. I know for sure before she wasn’t, so I’m very hopeful that she gets them (now).

Britney Spears hasn’t addressed any of the letters, but she was very clear about her feelings a few weeks ago. In a since deleted series of tweets, the star took aim at the “trashiest” documentaries about her. She blasted those who sat down for interviews claiming they were doing it for her and said the whole thing was “embarrassing.” She specifically singled out Culotta and said she lied in the documentary, specifically in telling a story about her giving away $100 bills in her neighborhood after her first hit song.

Here’s a portion of the singer’s tweet which is no longer up and available but was picked up by the media at the time…

I want to thank the head people who did all the documentaries to help free Brit Brit !!! I mean such classy footage !!! The best part to me was when my old assistant talked about how I went through the neighborhood passing out 100 dollar bills when my first song came out!!!

Spears is, of course, no stranger to attracting attention on social media. This past week, her husband Sam Asghari went on Instagram Live while they were in bed. She refused to be shown on camera, and he quickly ended the session. The weird exchange attracted a lot of attention, and she later deleted her Instagram, though that hasn’t turned as many heads as it would normally would given she has deleted it and reactivated it several times before.

Even though she got blasted by her former employer, Culotta says she’s happy Britney Spears now has control over her own social media and is able to get her voice out there. She said she just wants her to be happy and hopes her recent wedding and increased freedoms will allow that to happen. It remains to be seen whether Spears believes her or if the two will ever reconcile.  

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