Britney Spears Deleted Instagram, Moved To Twitter And Dropped A Bikini Video To Celebrate

Britney Spears deleted her ultra-popular Instagram account late last week, leaving many fans wondering what her future plans on social media might be. Well, a few days and a few posts later, it has become clear we can likely expect a lot of the same from the pop star, just on Twitter instead of Instagram. After not dropping any tweets for more than seven months, Spears has given fans five, including a thread, since leaving Instagram.

Among those posts getting the most attention is one Spears dropped last night. It’s a roughly thirty second clip that features the beloved singer pulling off a really sharp looking white coat and revealing a red bikini underneath. She then walks toward the camera, as music plays in the background. Also in the background at the beginning of the clip is a cat playing, and of course, people can’t get enough of that little rascal either. You can watch the video below…

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Since the much-publicized end of her conservatorship, Britney Spears has extensively used her social media as an outlet to interact with fans, talk about her feelings and deal with her past. She’s also released more than a few photos and videos that show her in various states of dress, sometimes fully nude with her hands covering various parts of her body. Those last posts have gotten all types of reactions from fans and were recently at the center of some issues Spears had with her ex-Kevin Federline and their children.

Earlier this month, Federline gave an interview in which he said, among other things, that their shared sons don’t particularly enjoy seeing their mom posting naked pictures on social media. That set off a series of back-and-forths on Instagram, in which it was revealed the boys allegedly haven’t seen their mother in months, having not even attended her recent wedding. Some posts during the skirmish by both Federline and Spears were later deleted, and not long after, she bailed on her account entirely. 

It’s unclear if all of the above is why Spears officially left Instagram for Twitter, but rest assured, many of her fans have followed. Britney has more than 55 million followers on the service, and her posts have been getting more than their share of engagement. A separate photo she dropped on Friday attracted more than four hundred thousand likes and thousands of additional comments.

In addition to her social media posts, Spears has been back in the studio working on music. She recently dropped a collaboration with pop legend Elton John called “Hold Me Closer.” It’s already hit number one on the streaming charts in over 40 countries, and the two are reportedly working on a video to support the song, as well. 

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