After Having So Many Kids, Nick Cannon Has Some Thoughts On Unprotected Sex And Taking The Condom Off

Nick Cannon in promo for The Masked Singer Season 7
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Nick Cannon has been in the news lately thanks to reports he will be having his eighth child with Bre Tiesi. He recently spoke out in an interview about his penchant for having kids with multiple women, speaking candidly about unprotected sex and when he decides it’s a good idea to take the condom off. Apparently, there's a method to the madness.

In an interview with Dr. Laura Berman, it really seemed as if no topic was off-limits. For starters, the “Language of Love” podcast host asked about how many kids Nick Cannon actually has. Currently the answer to that is seven, with an eighth on the way, though Cannon casually joked about some “possibles” being out there as well. Dr. Berman also asked Cannon why he doesn’t ask all of his sexual partners to get on birth control or use birth control forms himself. While Cannon warned her she was in “dangerous territory,” he did explain why he chooses to sometimes have unprotected sex.  

You’re walking me into dangerous territory, Doc. I’m going to take full responsibility. Any woman that I know that I have unprotected sex with, there was the potential to have a child. So I feel like if I have unprotected sex with anyone I know – because one, I value everything about me so much, if I’ve gotten to that point where I say, ‘I can take off this condom,’ I’m gonna say, ‘Then, she could be the mother of my child.’

One of the reasons, Nick Cannon’s take on condoms and birth control is so fascinating  has to do with the fact the TV host has often been open with exactly what is going on in the bedroom -- I mean he's seriously been open about intimate bedroom issues and more-- but this is a brand new wrinkle. The Masked Singer host has previously talked about being celibate before news broke he was having an eighth kid, though he later clarified he had been celibate for some time but the procreation of his kid with Bre Tiesi came before that period. 

In the interview, he also joked about his super-sperm, noting “they get there quickly” once the condom’s been pulled off. But he reiterates that when he chooses to have unprotected sex with a lady, he is doing it thoughtfully rather than making a spur-of-the-moment choice.  

So, in that sense, I would say every woman I have a child with there’s definitely a conversation about, ‘How amazing this would be.’ And I feel like every woman I have a child with are amazing mothers and I did–there was a thought process going into it of, ‘Man she would be an amazing mom.’ Or she desired children, ’Oh I can’t wait to see what type of mother she’d be. So, I’d say they’re all desired.

Insofar as condoms go, people are trying to help the dude out, however. His buddy Kevin Hart recently extended their ongoing prank war by literally buying Nick Cannon a condom vending machine. It was a joke that the TV host says actually led to “some baby mama drama” after he got questions about where the vending machine had come from. 

Nick Cannon has been open for some time that if “God says" you're not done when it comes to having kids, then he has plans to listen. Though, now that he’s explained how this process with his varying partners works, how he's amassed the number of kids and baby mamas in his life is a whole lot clearer. We’ll keep you updated regarding the host’s personal life, as I'm guessing he'll continue to be one of the more candid celebrities out there. 

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