Amid Custody Case Drama, Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Hit With Reports Of Unpaid Rent And Home Eviction

Over the last eight years on Southern Charm, Bravo fans have seen a lot go down in the personal lives of its main castmates – threesomes, cheating and alleged MLB flings including. But nothing has quite compared to the dramatic storylines surrounding Kathryn Dennis. Namely, her tumultuous relationship with Thomas Ravenel only got more complicated when they had two children together, who are now 6 and 8 years old, respectively. 

Following his arrest for assault and battery in 2018, Ravenel exited the show in a wave of controversy, but he and Dennis continue to duke it out for full custody rights off-camera. Amidst the latest in that whole drama, the 30-year-old mother has also been hit with reports of unpaid rent and a home eviction.

Problems Abound In Kathryn Dennis' Custody Battle

In the previous season of her reality series, Kathryn Dennis indicated that they were at a 50/50 custody status with their kids, Saint and Kensie. However, it came to light in late 2021 that the courts ruled in Thomas Ravenel’s favor for him to have full custody again, with Dennis only getting supervised visitations. Ravenel had reportedly accused her of drug use and neglect at the time. Eventually, the Southern Charm alum talked about the custody loss to her fans and explained that it was a “difficult” situation to be in for everyone.

Nevertheless, the reality star has still been attempting to change things in the intervening months – and it’s apparently not going over well. obtained court documents from the custody case that show Kathryn Dennis was seemingly dropped by her lawyers, Susan Rawls Strom and Pete Currence. They asked to be relieved as counsel due to a shift in their rapport with Dennis. Specifically, the motion stated in part:

Grounds for the motion are that counsel and defendant can no longer communicate, and can not agree on matters of importance to the case, and the attorney-client relationship is irretrievably impaired so much that undersigned can not effectively represent defendant.

The former legal team stipulated in the documents that they would provide “more detailed information” through a sealed affidavit to the judge during the case’s next hearing. However, a source alleged to the outlet that the real reason they quit is because they weren’t getting paid “regularly or timely.”

Southern Charm Star Reportedly Faced Eviction

Finances are supposedly another issue for Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis. According to The U.S. Sun, a Charleston County clerk confirmed that she had missed payments on her high-rise apartment in the city. As they tell it, she never paid $9,252 worth of rent for the recent months of February and March. Court documents obtained by the outlet indicate that the building filed a Rule to Vacate notice in mid-March as a result of the delinquency.

The Bravolebrity settled the situation, but was later hit with another notice in May, stipulating that the “terms of occupancy have ended.” Supposedly, Kathryn Dennis had vacated the location altogether anyway. The clerk claimed that an official eviction order had been sent after the Rule to Vacate.

Clearly Kathryn Dennis has a lot on her plate at the moment. She’s always been candid about her life, Thomas Ravenel and the kids throughout her time on Southern Charm, and it’s expected that as a returning main cast member on the show this year that she will continue to do so. The teaser trailer for Southern Charm Season 8 only shows drama between Dennis and her new boyfriend Chleb Ravenell (no relation to Thomas), who called her “the problem” in their relationship in the preview. (The two have officially broken up since then.)

All in all, the infamous reality show redhead is hoping her latest turn on Southern Charm shows an evolution of sorts. Last season, Kathryn Dennis was embroiled in a major racism scandal concerning a social media exchange with a Black radio host, which in turn incited issues with nearly all her co-stars. After the finale, Dennis shared that if she did come back, it would be to demonstrate “positivity and moving in the right direction.”

We’ll see how that goes for her soon, as Southern Charm Season 8 premieres June 23 on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET as part of the 2022 TV schedule.

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