Are 12 Kids Enough For Nick Cannon? Here's What The Star Says About Having More Children

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At this point, I think it’s pretty much safe to say that Nick Cannon is quite the fellow. He’s, of course, carved out a clear path for himself within the entertainment industry over the years and continues to find success in different avenues. Oh, and when it comes to his personal life, he just happens to have fathered 12 children. His reproductive practices have earned him a reputation in Hollywood and, at this point, some just naturally assume that he’s expecting a child at any given time. The media personality was just asked whether he has any other little ones on the horizon that would add to his dozen, and he provided some honest thoughts.

The Masked Singer host is currently getting ready for his Future Superstar Tour, which includes a large roster of up-and-coming, musical talents. The 24-city tour is sure to keep him very occupied – and well-paid as he further supports his large brood. With so many kids at this point, it’s natural to wonder if Nick Cannon is eager to welcome anymore. During an interview, the 42-year-old star was asked about the possibility of producing more offspring, and it sounds like he may not be aiming to have more anytime soon: 

Yeah, yeah [laughs] yeah. God decides when we're done [laughs] but I believe I definitely got my hands full. And I'm so focused. I'm locked in. But when I'm 85, you never know. I might.

So I guess we can pretty much sum this up as “I don’t have any plans for more kids… for now.” At least, that’s the feeling one gets when reading the comments that the America’s Got Talent alum shared with ET. 12 is a good, even number, and I’d also say that it’s a firm stopping point. And let’s be honest, he’s already got his hands more than full with the children that are already in his life.

More on Nick Cannon's Children and Relationships

Nick Cannon is the father to 11-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan. who he shares with Mariah Carey. He has Golden (6), Powerful (2) and Rise (5 months) with Brittany Bell as well as 7-month-old Legendary with Bre Tiesi and Onyx (5 months), who was born to LaNisha Cole. He and Abby De La Rosa have Zion and Zillion (both 20 months) and Beautiful (3 months). Cannon and Alyssa Scott also shared Zen, who sadly died of brain cancer at five months. Scott is also the mother of baby No. 12, Halo, who was born in December 2022.

A number of people have questioned just how involved Nick Cannon is in his kids’ lives. In response, the TV host has opined that he’s “probably engaged throughout my children’s day, more often than the average adult can be.” He has proven that he enjoys hanging out with his kids, as he once even rented out a waterpark for the older ones. Before baby No. 12 arrived, he spent a considerable amount of time with them as well. Still, Cannon has also admitted that his “biggest guilt” is that he realistically doesn’t have enough time to spend with all of his little ones because he’s working and is just generally spread thin. He does, however, take comfort in the fact that his professional endeavors will provide a firm future for his kids:

It's a blessing, man, like, hopefully because of what I am able to do, my kids can do whatever they want to do, to be able to be in a position that if they want to be a nuclear physicist, I know somebody at an Ivy League school that I could [hit up]. If they want to go into the military, if they want to be artists, if they want to be actors, it's a thing where we have the capability. Let's start talking about it now so we can help your dreams come true.

To quote the great Whitney Houston, “I believe that children are our future,” so I honestly can’t criticize Nick Cannon’s desire to want them to be financially stable for years to come. Let’s just hope that he’s giving them his personal time as well, considering just how special such moments can be for both kids and their parents. Let’s hope Cannon has enough time and energy moving forward, especially if he does indeed end up welcoming another baby.

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