Behati Prinsloo Supported Adam Levine At Maroon 5 Concert After Cheating Scandal, But How Is She Feeling?

Adam Levine’s alleged cheating scandal has more than caught the public’s attention since TikToker Sumner Stroh claimed to have had an affair with him. Many across social media have been sharing their two cents, and even Saturday Night Live tackled Levine’s situation in a recent sketch. But while people share thoughts on the Maroon 5 frontman, many are surely wondering how his wife, Behati Prinsloo is handling the situation. The Victoria’s Secret model recently supported her hubby at a concert but, all the while, a new report claims that things are far from perfect. 

Behati Prinsloo was present when Maroon 5 performed at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Hotel. The band appeared at The Event, an annual charity gala hosted by Shaquille O’Neal, a longtime friend of Adam Levine. According to Us Weekly, Prinsloo watched the performance from the side of the stage. Her presence amid the festivities would seem to indicate that she and Levine are seeking to maintain a united front. However, that’s allegedly proving to be somewhat difficult for them.

A source for Us Weekly claims that “it’s been a horrible time for them, Behati especially.” Per the insider, that musician and former Voice star’s ongoing Las Vegas stint hasn’t helped things either. The unnamed person went on to say: 

They’re just doing their best to be kind and patient with each other while they tough things out.

A previous report claimed that Behati Prinsloo is “100 percent committed to her family.” But at the same time, it’s been alleged that she’s still “very upset” in the aftermath of her husband addressing the situation. 

It was a few weeks ago that Sumner Stroh claimed to be the ex-mistress of Adam Levine and that they were involved for about a year. In addition to providing screenshots of alleged texts between them, Stroh also asserted that Levine later reached to ask if she’d find it weird if he and his wife gave their third child the same name as her. Four other women subsequently spoke out, sharing details of the singer’s purported sexting and interest in “booty stories.” (And the Internet has been having a field day with the alleged leaked DMs.)

Shortly after Sumner Stroh said her piece, Adam Levine took to social media to address her allegation. Levine denied having had an affair but did admit to having used “poor judgment” by being “flirtatious” with someone who was not his wife. Stroh later seemed to fire back with an Instagram message that read, “Someone get this man a dictionary.” The sentiment appeared to suggest that she and the singer have differing views on the definition of the word “affair.”

The Maroon 5 star has also said that his wife and family are his top priority amid this situation and opined that they’ll “get through it together.” Though his and Behati Prinsloo’s outing at The Event shows that they’re trying to do just that, the public will surely continue to keep its eyes on the stability of their union.

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