Below Deck: Sailing Yacht's Charles Sanders Addresses The Negative Fan Reactions To His Appearance On The Show

So far on the third season of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht, the most controversial primary to appear on the Parsifal III has been Charles Sanders. The husband of Bachelor Nation alum Erica Rose, Sanders rubbed many from the deck crew in the wrong way, such as when he threw a fit over a breakfast omelette and later nearly came to blows with his own guest on the trip. Bravo fans shared many negative reactions online regarding his antics, and Sanders is addressing them directly.

Why Charles Sanders Believes His Backlash Happened

Amidst the airing of his charter's episodes, viewers did not hold back what they really thought of the personal injury attorney. On Twitter, for example, Charles Sanders was labelled by one user as “disgusting,” as someone with “little class” by another, and overall one of the “worst charter guests” in the history of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht. In an interview with Reality Blurb, the provocative figure recognized why he received such hateful criticisms on social media, saying,

I think people reacted negatively to me because I made a bit of a scene which at the time I thought would be funny. The aftermath has been challenging to say the least and I definitely didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Charles Sanders admitted that he “dramatized” his behavior for the sake of the reality show, and that it was “fun” getting to play up his storyline in anger-inducing ways. Playing the villain role certainly can work out for some unscripted TV stars, as it has for Christine Quinn over on Netflix’s Selling Sunset. However, the Below Deck: Sailing Yacht newbie actually regrets now coming across as a “difficult passenger.”

Primary Beef With Castmates On And Off Below Deck: Sailing Yacht

Following their appearance on the show, Erica Rose took to defending her husband by calling out the alums who were onboard, specifically Daisy Kelliher, Colin MacCrae, Gary King and Captain Glenn. The insinuation was that they were all faking the drama for the sake of reality TV ratings. But then Kelliher responded to the accusations with an F-bomb on her personal podcast, saying that the beef actually started with certain comments made by Rose and her family after Below Deck: Sailing Yacht’s second season. Charles Sanders denied any wrongdoing regarding the Bravo alum on that score. He also stated:

I had no idea that after such a fun trip that Daisy would turn around and be so cruel and say things she did about my family. Especially because Erica and her mother are so respectful and fun.

Furthermore, Sanders reflected to the outlet that he in fact considers Daisy Kelliher the “antagonistic” one, and not the other way around. He offered an apology only to his wife for having to take most of the “heat” for his exaggerated stint on the show.

Charles Sanders Speaks Out On That Low-Ball Below Deck Tip

To top off a not-so-well-received turn on Below Deck: Sailing Yacht, fans were shocked to learn that the group left behind the lowest tip in the entire franchise’s history, in the amount of $6,500. (Typically, the gratuity reaches upwards of 5-figures, as it has to be split amongst the whole crew.) The other couple involved with that trip have publicly claimed that Erica Rose and Charles Sanders lied about how much they were supposed to throw in the pot, so to speak. About that awks situation, Sanders only said:

It’s really odd they didn’t pay their portion. It seems a bit wrong that they did that and placed the blame on others. I hope they realize the crew members are hard workers and deserve a tip.

As to whether he will return for more drama (real or otherwise) on the ever-expanding sea-faring series, Charles Sanders revealed that he is done-zo, speculating that reality TV is not exactly his “forte.” Many fans will likely agree. And it’s probably for the best, anyway, considering that Daisy Kelliher has essentially said a repeat trip would happen over her dead body.

Catch up on the remainder of Season 3 of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht (sans Sanders) airing on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo, and streaming the next day with a Peacock Premium subscription.

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