Fans Are Nervous About The Ticket Situation With Beyoncè’s New Tour Announcement, But I’m Just Distracted By Her Amazing Crystal Bikini

Beyonce's 2022 album Renaissance
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It’s an exciting day for the Beyhive as Beyoncè finally announced her world tour for RENAISSANCE. This will be the mega star’s first tour since 2018, and considering the size, loyalty and passion the fans have for the “Break My Soul” singer this upcoming tour is about to be massive. Understandably, fans are worried about getting tickets to see Beyoncè -- I mean we all remember how the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster fiasco went. However, I think for now we need to take a moment to breathe, get excited about the potential to get tickets, and appreciate this close-up of the RENAISSANCE crystal bikini we got with the tour announcement. 

Overall the announcement was epic and called back to the iconic album cover for RENAISSANCE, sparkly bikini, metallic horse, and all, and got fans stoked about the upcoming tour Check it out: 

I Can’t Get Over Beyoncè’s Amazing Crystal Bikini

When RENAISSANCE was released seeing Beyoncè on a crystal horse wearing a crystal bikini was jaw-dropping, and now with the World Tour announcement we got a closer look at the singer’s incredible outfit, and I can’t get over it. 

Looking at the album cover below, you can see the intricate crystal, skeletal outfit by Nusi Quero the singer is wearing, while riding the crystal horse.

Now, with this tour announcement, we got a closer look at another Crystal Bikini as she rides a mirror ball horse. Much like the RENAISSANCE cover, it’s a revealing outfit that outlines the former Destiny Child member's torso. She complimented the look with a mirror ball cowboy hat, chunky diamond earrings, and silver, fringed boots. 

I think it’s safe to say this outfit is something that’s impossible to ignore, and Beyoncè looks like a literal goddess in it. However, despite the amazing look and excitement surrounding the tour, there’s one thing that has fans extremely nervous. 

The Beyhive Is Worried About How Ticketmaster Will Handle Beyoncè’s Renaissance Tour

Understandably, while fans were excited about the announcement, they are extremely nervous about getting tickets for Beyoncé's new tour. Her and Taylor Swift are easily two of the most in-demand artists at the moment, and can both sell out stadiums easily. So, considering how disastrous the Ticketmaster sale was for Swifties, which has now led to a Senate hearing, the Beyhive has some concerns about how the ticketing site will handle the sale, and they weren’t afraid to share their thoughts. 

Over on Instagram, lorenbrovarnik commented on Beyoncé's announcement, saying: 

Ticketmaster better be prepared!! 🔥

Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans are preparing for the worst, especially after witnessing what happened to those who wanted Eras Tour tickets. It's clear that many are making sure the ticketing site knows the fans will be livid if it goes bad. For example, Alex tweeted:

Other fans made it clear they are concerned about Ticketmaster’s ability to hold the sale, and are ready to put up a fight, by tweeting things like this post from Ashley K. 

It sure will be an event when tickets go on sale for Beyoncè’s world tour. Considering her first concert in years was held last month in Dubai and featured a cameo from her daughter, which was fitting considering Blue Ivy went viral for mimicking her mom, high fashion, extravagant set design and epic dancing, this world tour will be a treat for the fans and I’d assume a masterful work of art. 

Despite there being a few controversies surrounding RENAISSANCE, overall, it’s been a beloved and critically acclaimed album, that people cannot wait to see live. However, before they see the pop star on stage, the Beyhive will have to secure tickets. Fans can register for cities they want to see the singer in by going to Live Nation’s site, and tickets will go on sale between Feb. 2 and Feb. 16. 

In the meantime, you can go back and watch Beyoncè’s Coachella set with a Netflix subscription and check out her visual album Black is King with a Disney+ subscription. Also, make sure to spend some time appreciating the majesty that is the crystal bikinis she rocked for the tour announcement. 

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