Billy Bush Goes Off In Defense Of T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach And Gets Candid About ‘Cancel Culture’

From left to right: T.J. Holmes, Billy Bush and Amy Robach.
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Now that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are officially gone from Good Morning America, there has been a lot of talk about what they will do next. Following the anchors leaving the show, Billy Bush, who was fired by NBC after the infamous Access Hollywood Trump tape was released, defended the couple, and also got candid about cancel culture and how it’s impacted the former GMA employees as well as himself. 

As Bush was walking through the airport, TMZ stopped him to ask about his thoughts on Holmes and Robach. Much like Chris Harrison, who defended the couple, the Extra anchor explained his thoughts on the former GMA3 hosts, saying:

I think they should work together. I think they’d do a great job. Their show was popping and, you know, I think people love to wade into other people’s clubhouses. I think they do a podcast together, or something great and they lead it into another show, whatever. They’ve got something that works.

It’s been reported that Holmes and Robach are actually in love, and they aren’t too worried about finding another job. The source explained to People that they “know the dust needs to settle” before they start looking for new jobs. However, they allegedly plan to continue working in the television industry. Bush explained that he thinks everyone should be able to “find their way back,” and go back to work. 

I think everybody should find their way back.

Considering, Bush has also faced scrutiny from a network and the public -- however, in his case, it was over comments he made -- it makes sense that he'd defend the former GMA employees. The first time was the Access Hollywood Trump tape, mentioned earlier. Recently he's been caught in controversy over another hot mic moment involving Kendall Jenner. The television personality made a sexual joke about Jenner’s Halloween costume. When asked about hot mics, and what he’s learned, he said:

No, I’m going to be me, and do what I do, and if someone is going to try and grab something and leak it, then they’re the loser, and everybody is coming around to that.

Unlike the last time Bush was caught on a hot mic, this time didn’t result in him losing his job, however many were very unhappy with what he said about the Kardashian sister, who hasn’t commented on the issue. Extra released a statement about Bush, noting that the show “allows the flexibility to try different jokes and banter,” and that some of it gets edited out, including comments that might be “too edgy” for air.

As a person who has dealt with cancel culture after making controversial comments, it makes sense that Bush would understand where Holmes and Robach are at, and defend them. He’s also made it clear where he stands with cancel culture, and that he thinks everyone deserves to “find their way back” to their respective careers.

Riley Utley
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