Brass Against Singer Breaks Silence After Peeing On A Dude's Head During Concert

Sophia Urista performs "Come Together" during the blind auditions on The Voice.
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Since the video of Brass Against lead singer Sophia Urista peeing on a fan went viral, it seems everyone has had their say about what happened. Her bandmates released a statement. NASCAR, which owns the Daytona Speedway where the incident took place, released a statement. Thousands of fans and random observers took to social media to air out their thoughts. Some woman whose daughter was at the concert even called the authorities. It feels like the only person we haven’t heard from has been Sophia Urista herself. Thankfully she finally broke her silence to talk out what happened.

In a post that ran on Instagram, Sophia Urista said she “pushed the limits too far” and apologized to anyone who was offended by what happened. The singer also clarified she’s not a “shock artist” and wants to put the music first. You can check out her full social media post below…

The incident in question happened last Thursday at the Welcome To Rockville festival in Daytona. Brass Against was performing for a large crowd when Urista complained several times of having to use the bathroom. She later said she would need to pee on someone since there weren't any facilities. A fan volunteered, came on stage, laid on the ground and she dropped her pants and peed all up in his face. He seemed pretty stoked about what happened. A lot of people in the crowd cheered, but there were definitely some people weirded out, including some of her bandmates who said after the gig that things got carried away.

The video obviously went viral immediately. Something that NSFW at a large event is always going to race around the internet. There were a lot of people grossed out by the peeing, but there were a lot of other people who kinda shrugged their shoulders and thought that’s pretty metal. Fortunately for Brass Against, there also seems to be a lot of other people who used the publicity to listen to the band for the first time. A lot seemed to enjoy what they were hearing; so, hopefully the group is able to carry forward some of the support.

It’s also nice to see the band standing behind and supporting Sophia. The group’s official account responded to her post with some heart emojis. There was some chatter about what might happen with the group after the other members seemed initially a bit taken aback by what happened, but sometimes weird stuff goes on during a tour. Live performances are always a bit unpredictable. 

On that note, Brass Against is scheduled to return to the road for an extensive European tour next spring. They’ll play alongside legendary rockers Tool for many of the dates. Here’s to hoping they deliver a lot of wonderful, much-discussed performances, even if they’re without certain bodily functions. 

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