Could Brooklyn Nine-Nine Ever Return? Terry Crews Shared His 'Hot' Thoughts

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All I want for Christmas is another season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Sure, it hasn’t been long since the eighth and final season of the NBC series released, but the complete lack of future Jake Peralta shenanigans makes me want it all the more. All hope is not necessarily lost for the rest of time, though, as series regular Terry Crews shared his thoughts on a return to the 99th precinct that would be more than cool cool cool, cool cool cool cool.

For someone who was totally in denial about the end of the series, Terry Crews has come in with a clutch sense of hope concerning more Brooklyn Nine-Nine content being a possibility in the future. Speaking with ET, Crews revealed that the cast would most likely be down for a reunion if and when the opportunity arose. Not only that, but he has some pretty sweet ideas for how Brooklyn Nine-Nine could be continued. Here’s what he says, exactly:

I think everyone is open to it. When you look at what streaming is doing and you also look at how many shows have been brought back. I mean, it's wild now. They are bringing back Diff'rent Strokes and Facts of Life in different iterations. We know that there is going to be a comeback sometime and especially now that Peacock is creating their own entertainment, I could see a Brooklyn Nine-Nine movie. We could do a heist episode every year. That would be hot.

Terry Crews should be in the writer’s room with pitches like that. Or running very specific development teams for Peacock. I mean, an annual heist episode? That’s a brilliant plan that would gives fans something to look forward to every year or two, which would also go for the cast and crew. 

He’s also right to be more optimistic about the chances of a popular show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine coming back, considering Peacock is no stranger to giving done-zo comedy series new life, from Saved by the Bell to MacGruber to A.P. Bio (which was cancelled recently, but still). While the classics have been revamped before and different sitcoms are seeing various forms of revivals happening in the future, newly canceled shows could also see some kind of reboot. 

A Brooklyn Nine-Nine movie isn’t too far off the mark either. Psych eschewed its hour-long format in crafting two feature-length follow-ups for Peacock, with Psych 3: This Is Gus having been released just this year. Of course, Psych has been off the air for much longer than Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but the fan base is still very much there for both series. 

Fans have already helped bring Brooklyn Nine-Nine back from the dead once, and I wouldn’t put it past them to inspire more benevolent acts again. The show has a proven record and the fans have made it clear they will fight for the ensemble-driven hilarity. Not to mention the cast having expressed their love for their many comedic roles and how much the series has meant to them. We all deserve more heist episodes, is basically what I'm saying.

If Peacock were to transform Brooklyn Nine-Nine into a different format for more future content, it wouldn’t be the first time they adapted a beloved film or tv show in a new way. For now, we can find some major hope in Terry Crews' words for the future of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Until something happens in the way of a reboot, there’s always 8 Seasons worth of Jake Peralta and the rest of the 99th precinct available to binge on Peacock! And you can also catch Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph on Peacock for some warm holiday joy on Baking It

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