Candace Cameron Bure Talks 'Questions' Over Bob Saget’s Death And Why It’s Hard Watching Full House Clips Now

Fuller House's final episode with Candace Cameron Bure and Bob Saget.
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It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since Bob Saget’s passing. That holds true for his fans, but also for those who were close to him, including the original cast of Full House and its spinoff Fuller House. Candace Cameron Bure recently opened up about the last several weeks, the questions still surrounding her TV dad's passing and even how hard it's been to look back at the TV show that made her a household name. 

In the weeks since Saget passed, Bure and some of his other pals have released sweatshirts in benefit of the Scleroderma Research Foundation and have kept his memory alive in other ways.  Now, however, Bure has spoken out about how hard it has been for those close to Bob, including his wife Kelly Rizzo, as new details related to the actor’s death have come to light. The actress told Fox and Friends she's been in contact with the family, also noting she's been trying to frame things in a positive light.

I have. I keep in close contact with Kelly and you know it’s been difficult these past couple of weeks because of more things that have come out. There’s a lot of questions. I’m trying honestly not to think about it in the sense I want to remember Bob and what a kind, loving, amazing person that he was.

Candace Cameron Bure doesn’t really get into what her conversations with Kelly Rizzo have been like, but new details have emerged in recent days about Bob Saget’s death. Saget’s wife and daughters actually filed a lawsuit against ​​the Orange County Sheriff John Mina and the District Nine Medical Examiner's Office, arguing the release of details related to the actor’s death would cause “irreparable harm.” One day later, a judge already responded to the suit, temporarily blocking the records from release. 

While John Stamos has shared that his son has picked up watching episodes of Full House since Bob Saget’s passing, looking back at the show has been a lot harder for Bure. Seeing her TV dad brings back a lot of memories and she also told Fox and Friends it can be a little emotionally overwhelming

I’m doing OK. It’s been a little over a month and there’s days that are great and days that it just hits you. But even hearing that clip from Full House it bring back so many memories. And that's when it grabs me. It's a little hard to hear those clips.

Having said all of this, Candace Cameron Bure has also revealed how important her Full House family has been over the last few weeks. She shared some posts after having spent some time with Uncle Joey actor Dave Coulier as she was getting those “Hug like Bob” sweatshirts together. But she’s also spoken out about knowing who your “real friends” are and how it’s important to show up.

A lot of Bob Saget's friends showed up after his passing. Dave Chappelle spoke out at the comedian's funeral, and many of his friends, including John Mayer and Jeff Ross, held a punk rock shiva and more for the actor. Even four weeks later, many, many people are still being impacted by his loss. 

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