Following Blac Chyna's Failed Lawsuit (And Celeb Boxing Match), The Kardashians Are Coming Hard To Collect Their Legal Fees

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While no one but Blac Chyna herself can truly say how she's been doing lately, the reality star, model, and rapper certainly has been taking some public blows in the relatively recent past. Her years-in-waiting lawsuit against the Kardashians finally kicked off in April, and it was only around two weeks later when it was all said and done, with the defendants victorious. Now, a little over a month after the trial concluded (and days after the model’s celebrity boxing debut), the Kardashians are coming after Chyna for legal fees, and their lawyers aren’t softballing with their estimates.

Bringing a lawsuit against one of the most famous families in the world already wasn’t an inexpensive effort for Blac Chyna, and the same goes for the Kardashians, who are claiming the trial put them out around $400,000. And it’s probably no surprise that they’re already coming for their money, as the family’s legal team has filed paperwork detailing the $390,000 they’re seeking, according to TMZ. Seeing as how the judge who ruled in favor of the Kardashians ordered for Blac Chyna to pay back the fam for their part in the lawsuit, it’s hard to imagine the former Rob & Chyna star trying to her way out of it. (Especially since Chyna and her team accused the judge of being biased after the verdict was in.)

That said, the court does need to sign off on the finalized amount in order to make it truly official. More specifically, the Kardashians’ legal team are looking for $391,094 from Blac Chyna, with a laundry list of reasons for the final total. Arguably the most surprising detail here is that their financial demands do not even include the fees for the family’s lawyers themselves.

The financial itinerary includes filing and motion fees ($5,023.09), jury fees ($4,241.10), deposition costs ($63,078.20), service of process ($9,325.99), court reporter fees ($19,895), fees for electronic filing ($788.85), and fees for hosting electronic documents ($7,348.35). The two biggest lump sums listed are for “Other,” with nearly $97,000 going to the uncategorized costs, and a whopping $184,871.71 charge for models, enlargements and photocopies of exhibits.

To be sure, the fees listed aren’t just meant to apply to the trial itself. Rather, such totals started accumulating when Blac Chyna first filed the lawsuit against Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and the rest several years ago. It’s unclear if the family just isn’t looking for legal fees to be recouped, or if that will be a completely separate filing from what’s discussed above.

It’s probably not the best timing for Blac Chyna to have legal fees to dish out, seeing as how she has another trial pending over her “revenge porn” lawsuit against Rob Kardashian for allegedly leaking sexually explicit photos of the rapper after they broke up. This news also comes just after Chyna was involved in a celebrity boxing match against Air Force vet and fitness model Alysia Magen. The June 11 bout, which was shown via pay-per-view, featured Magen putting the rapper on her behind with a solid punch, but the fight inevitably ended in a draw, per the judges. Neither fighter was pleased, with both calling the choice “bullshit,” per TMZ.

While waiting to see what happens next with Blac Chyna’s legal journey, be sure to check out The Kardashians as it wraps its first season on streaming, with the finale dropping on Thursday, June 16, for those with Hulu subscriptions.

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