Forget Christmas Movies, Candace Cameron Bure Has Already Wrapped On Her Next Hallmark Film!

Candace Cameron Bure in the trailer for The Christmas Contest
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While this is a busy time of year for Hallmark and it’s ever-expanding lineup of Hallmark Christmas movies, sometimes I almost forget that movie magic means some planning well in advance. In fact, a lot of these “holiday” movies filmed months and months ago, and while the lineup will continue rolling out on the two networks and streaming service the company runs for another few weeks, the cabler is already looking at what is to come next. For Candace Cameron Bure, that’s another Aurora Teagarden film. 

Hallmark fans can’t stop, won’t stop consuming movies with the spunky redhead, and Candace Cameron Bure confirmed this week that filming has wrapped on the 18th movie in the series. That seems almost impossible given the first one only aired back in 2015, but this series has honestly been prolific. In fact, the first movie in the franchise, A Bone To Pick, only came out six years ago. It was followed by a slew of others featuring various love interests for Aurora -- including her personal favorite The Julius House.The last movie in the franchise, Honeymoon, Honey Murder, came out back in August and just so happened to be movie #17. 

Candace Cameron Bure has previously spoken up about promoting these movies even during the hard times over the last couple of years. While that can be difficult, they do bring light entertainment to her fanbase, and here she is now, announcing movie #18 wrapping on her Instagram Story:

Candace Cameron Bure shares set photos from Aurora Teagrden 18 on her Instagram Story.

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Honestly, if she hadn’t announced it was an Aurora Teagarden mystery the excellent coat and the red hair probably would have given it away. While it’s a relief for fans to hear there’s another murder mystery already made, it sounds like this one wasn’t always so extra wonderful to film. In fact “muddy” was the word used. 

Candace Cameron Bure shares set photos of Aurora Teagarden.

(Image credit: Instagram, Candace Cameron Bure)

When last we caught up with Aurora and Nick, they’d finally gotten married and moved forward with solving some murders as a married couple. The last movie, aka the aforementioned Honeymoon, Honey Murder featured Candace Cameron Bure and Niall Matter’s characters taking a pre-honeymoon when they got involved in yet another murder case. 

It’s hard telling what this new film will be about beyond, obviously, murder. Though it does seem to already have a title: Haunted By Murder. I wasn't even sure the new Aurora Teagarden would even film until 2022 and now here the production is all wrapped and ready to go into post. 

As soon as we get more information about the flick we’ll be sure to share, but for now it must be a nice feeling for Candace Cameron Bure to be all wrapped on work and ready to spend time with the family over the holidays. Her Hallmark Christmas movie this year, The Christmas Contest (which re-teamed her with Fuller House star John Brotherton) is already airing occasionally, so now it should be time to relax. 

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