Full House Alum Jodie Sweetin On How A John Stamos Switch-Up Helped Her Feel Bob Saget’s Presence At Her Wedding

Danny and Stephanie Tanner having a sweet hear to heart moment on Fuller House
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Full House alum Jodie Sweetin has experienced highs and lows over the course of 2022 so far, from getting engaged to her boyfriend Mescal Wasilewski to the loss of her Full House dad Bob Saget. Her engagement, which prompted messages of love from other stars, including her TV sister Candace Cameron Bure, evolved into something more permanent after some difficulties, as Sweetin and her fiancé tied the knot on July 30. While her TV dad sadly wasn't around to watch her walk down the aisle, the Fuller House vet revealed her former co-star John Stamos made a last-second decision that helped her feel Saget’s presence at her wedding.

The sweet fictional father-daughter connection happened by coincidence through Jodie Sweetin friend and TV uncle John Stamos, who was preparing to head out when his wife disagreed with his shirt choice, causing him to swap shirts. While he noticed the button-up shirt was a bit big on him, he didn't yet realize he actually grabbed the shirt that Bob Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo gifted him along with her late husband’s guitar. Sweetin revealed to E! News the fateful switch-up led to Saget still being a part of her nuptials, as it were. In her words:

He realized It was one of the shirts that Kelly [Rizzo] had given him out of Bob's closet. And it was this black button up that like Bob would always wear. Bob always had a black button up on. So, Bob was there in his weird little way.

It appeared to be fate that Stamos would pick that shirt on such a special day for a special person. It made for an even sweeter coincidence having Saget’s widow there at the ceremony as well. The Stephanie Tanner actress recalled the special moment she and John Stamos then shared after realizing he was decked out in Bob Saget's old shirt, saying:

I hugged John and then, I like kissed the shirt and I was like, 'Bob's here too.’ I have to tell you like Bob had to be here. He just had to be here for this.

It's fair to say that if Bob Saget were still around to offer his opinion, he'd likely have wanted Jodie Sweetin to know he’ll always be there for her in one way or another. Kissing the shirt was the father-daughter moment the newlywed needed, especially upon reflecting on the genuinely kind man, who'd helped her with processing loss and grief. Even if he couldn't be there in person, his memory still lives on strongly.

John Stamos wasn’t the only Full House alum to attend Jodie Sweetin’s wedding, as the She-Wolf pack reunited on her special occasion. Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber took some wedding pics with Sweetin alongside Stamos and other wedding guests. As the 40-year-old actress mentioned, the ceremony felt small and intimate with only select family and friends giving her and her husband love and affection. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time fans get an unexpected Full House reunion, and maybe Uncle Joey and Aunt Becky can be there the next time.

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