The Sweet Gift Bob Saget’s Wife Shared With John Stamos As She Prepares To Sell Their Home

The comedy world is still reeling three months since the sudden and tragic death of Bob Saget at age 65, and it appears his widow Kelly Rizzo, who has continued to post memories about their life and vacations together, is taking steps to move forward. As she prepares to sell the house she'd lived in with her husband of four years, she’s sharing some of Saget’s belongings with the other people he loved the most. John Stamos was obviously one of those friends whom the comedian held dear, and Rizzo had a special gift for her late husband’s Full House brother-in-law.

John Stamos played the rock 'n' roll-loving Uncle Jesse on Full House (and the Netflix sequel Fuller House), brother-in-law of Bob Saget’s Danny Tanner. The actors remained close over the years — as did seemingly the whole Full House gang — and the Big Shot actor has been outspoken about his love for the comedian since his January 9 passing. As Kelly Rizzo prepares to put their house up for sale, an insider told US Weekly about the item she reserved for Stamos: 

Kelly gifted John Stamos with his guitar. She knows how much John and her husband loved to play music together, so she felt it was an appropriate gift to pass on.

That really is a thoughtful gift, and I’m sure he will treasure the guitar as much as he does the memories of making music with Bob Saget. (I do wonder if she also considered giving John Stamos the couch, too, because it seems like he’s into that kind of thing.) The actor was reportedly “surprised and grateful” at the generous gift, the insider said, and I can only imagine how many emotions it brought up.

Kelly Rizzo is surely going through her own emotional struggles as she packs up the house she lived in with Bob Saget, who she married in 2018, as she prepares to sell. Despite the memories she and her husband made there — she’s posted about his love for life and food and cooking — keeping up the house has apparently become too much, the insider said:

Kelly is in the process of putting their family home up for sale. While there are many happy memories they shared together with his family, it has become too much of a burden on her to keep the house.

It’s a lovely gesture that she’s gifting some of her husband’s things to his loved ones. John Stamos has kept Bob Saget’s memory alive by continuing to share stories and memories about his former co-star. He called the former America’s Funniest Home Videos host his “biggest cheerleader” and loved giving Stamos credit for getting the Tanners back together for Fuller House

At the comedian’s funeral, which John Stamos called “the hardest day” of his life, the Beach Boys BFF gave a heartfelt and slightly raunchy eulogy, where he recalled his friend as “a guardian angel with the dirtiest mouth and a heart as big and benevolent as forever.” Afterward Stamos was among the many musicians, comedians and loved ones who gathered at The Comedy Store to pay tribute to “America’s dad.” 

The event was filmed and will reportedly be made into a Bob Saget tribute to stream on Netflix in the coming months. Until then, you can check out these shows to watch to remember Bob Saget, and keep up-to-date with all of the upcoming premieres with our 2022 TV Schedule.

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