Chrissy Teigen Is Facing Heat From Fans Again, And It Involves Netflix's Squid Game

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The infamous sarcasm that Chrissy Teigen is synonymous with has seemingly gotten her into more trouble than she would’ve liked this past year. She was accused of cyberbullying several reality stars over the summer, with things becoming pretty heated between Teigen, her husband John Legend and Project Runway’s Michael Costello. Consequently, various gigs and projects of Teigen’s were pulled as a result. Things appeared to settle for a bit, but now the Lip Sync Battle co-host is facing yet another backlash – this time over Netflix’s record-breaking series Squid Game.

On Instagram, Chrissy Teigen posted several pictures of a Squid Game-themed party she hosted at her home – and it's causing quite an uproar. To summarize, she dressed up as the Killer Doll from the show's opening episode and, among other things, used the bathroom (yes, literally). The Netflix series' red-jumpsuited game enforcers were serving cocktails, and the game show host herself apparently had a lot of fun watching her guests jokingly “fight to the death!” See the full post below:

The story of Netflix’s Squid Game centers on down-and-out debtors playing deadly versions of traditional childhood competitions for a massive cash prize. But the show's underlying critique was really that, in a capitalist society, those on the bottom are inherently designed to fail. And a lot of fans seem to think Chrissy Teigen intentionally missed (or erased) that point with her party. In the comments, many wrote that it was actually “cringe” and showed a “complete lack of self-awareness” from Teigen, given her fame and wealth. One fan wrote,

This is so beyond tone deaf as a millionaire to invite your rich friends over and reenact squid games which is rooted in the violence of capitalism

To be fair, some of Chrissy Teigen’s fans simply saw it as a fun time that wasn't intended to be a serious class critique like the actual Squid Game show – similar to how many dressed up as odes to the iconic characters on Halloween. However, given the recent accusations about Teigen’s use of her social media platform and her privilege of being very rich, the party is still rubbing at-home spectators the wrong way. 

One user claimed that even though they loved the idea, it was also giving “rich white men watching the glass bridge episode vibes.” (For those who haven't watched the series yet — spoilers — the reference is to scenes of the vile investors of the game who watched and betted on players’ lives as though they were horses.) Another commenter wrote about the party:

Lol for a sec I was like Aw that’s so sweet they did this for charity and then the giant check literally says flight to Napa

Chrissy Teigen has yet to publicly address the Squid Game snafu. But perhaps she's just sticking to her guns with the idea that she isn't getting into drama online anymore. Still...maybe read the room a bit?

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