How The L.A. City Attorney’s Office Responded After Not Pressing Charges Against Kanye West Over Reportedly Punching A Fan

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Kanye West has been under fire for a lot of his public behavior over the course of the past several years, with the past few months being especially tough. Not only is West currently dealing with one lawsuit for copyright infringement and is also being sued for his cancelled Coachella concert while still embroiled in legal activity over his divorce from Kim Kardashian, but he’s also in the middle of serious backlash over his Yeezy Gap clothing line. However, West can now rest easy on front, as the L.A. City Attorney’s Office has decided not to press charges against him for allegedly hitting a fan back in January, and we know how the office responded to those claims against West.

Why Isn’t Kanye West Being Charged For Allegedly Punching A Fan?

It was in mid-January of this year, while Kanye West was already taking a lot of heat for a number of other things, such as dating women like Julia Fox, while also still calling for Kim Kardashian to dump Pete Davidson and reunite their family, that West was accused of punching a fan outside of a Los Angeles nightclub. According to TMZ, the L.A. City Attorney’s Office will not be pursuing charges against the often controversial “Eazy” rapper, and the office had this to say about the move:

After a thorough and careful review of all the evidence, our office is declining to file based on no reasonable likelihood of conviction.

What this case boiled down to is the L.A. City Attorney’s Office looking at all of the reported evidence during their investigation, and determining that there just wasn’t enough of it to support a conviction if they decided to charge West. 

West likely would have been charged with misdemeanor battery, which is what the L.A. Police Department was investigating after the alleged incident. A male fan called police and filed a report after claiming that he asked West for an autograph while the star was in a car outside of the Soho Warehouse club at around 3 a.m., but that West responded by arguing with him and then jumping out of the car, where he allegedly punched the fan and knocked him to the ground.

Had West been charged, he would have faced up to six months in jail, which would have, obviously, been the last thing West would want to deal with now. After a number of public attacks against Davidson in song, on social media, and in interviews (reportedly leading Davidson to seek trauma therapy), West suffered some consequences by being stripped of his Instagram privileges for a short time and having his Grammy performance scrapped.

While supposedly, West claimed, in April, that he was ready to stop feuding so that he could sufficiently co-parent with Kardashian and “go away somewhere to get better,” that all went out the window when Davidson and Kardashian announced their breakup in early August, and West returned to Instagram to roast Davidson.

Kanye West is still in the middle of a whirlwind of bad press, but he can at least be glad that he doesn’t have to deal with potential jail time now.

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