Kanye West Facing Backlash For Yeezy Gap Line, And A Picture Pretty Much Explains Why

Kanye West has made headlines on a pretty consistent basis over the past several months. The bulk of the news surrounding him has pertained to his ongoing divorce case with Kim Kardashian. Not only that, but Ye was in a social media feud with Kardashian and Pete Davidson (her former boyfriend) earlier this year. Now, West is receiving some significant backlash, and it’s not for his decision to roast Davidson and Kardashian’s breakup. The rapper is being chastised by some over a recent development in his Yeezy Gap line, and a picture pretty much explains why that’s the case. 

Ye’s Yeezy Gap line has received some solid buzz since it hit the company’s stores. Though it would seem that potential buyers are now taking issue with the way in which the inventory is being handled. It’s customary that clothes are displayed on hangers when they’re in stores, but the rapper’s signature attire is now being sold out of what appear to be giant trash bags. Check it out in the Twitter post down below:

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So apparently, Kanye West wasn’t too thrilled with the clothes being hung up, which is interesting, to say the least. I know what you might be thinking, “Maybe this is a style that’s only been adopted by a single store.” Well, a Yeezy Gap post on Twitter provides footage from another location, where the clothes are in similar bags. Take a look:

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Ye certainly got his wish, but it seems to have made things a bit harder for customers. As the original tweet mentions, customers are meant to dive into the bags for themselves in order to find what they’re looking for. In other words, it’s almost like they’re doing a dumpster dive of sorts. One can honestly understand the frustration in this case. I mean, searching for clothes on a rack can sometimes even be tedious, and the mere thought of having to dig into a large sack to do so doesn’t sound like fun.  

Nevertheless, at least one store seems to have implemented methods that help buyers find what they’re looking for. Another Twitter user shared a pic under the OG post, which shows the clothes neatly folded in the trash bags. They also mention that store employees were open to providing assistance. Check it out: 

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Whether or not that’s how Kanye West would want things is unclear, though. On that note, another user provided a cheeky response to the organized bags:

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The Grammy winner certainly doesn’t mess around when it comes to his fashion, for better and for worse. Ye even used to craft looks for ex-wife Kim Kardashian and, even last year, he helped hook her up with a Batman look for the Met Gala. But since their split, Kardashian has been changing her style, and the fans have been here for it. Still, she did have kind words for West while accepting a fashion award last year. 

I don’t think fans will be thanking Kanye West anytime soon, however. There’s definitely still time for him to change course but, given how particular he is, it wouldn’t be surprising if these trash bags simply become the norm.

Erik Swann
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