Impractical Jokers Added A Pro Wrestling Superstar To The Mix Ahead Of Season 10

The fan-beloved cable prank show Impractical Jokers is gearing up for a pretty big year, and not just because of the highly anticipated tenth season. The upcoming episodes will be the Tenderloins’ first without Joe Gatto as part of the group, with the comedian publicly exiting the show at the tail end of 2021. But while it remains to be seen how the current trio will fill the Gatto-shaped void in Season 10, fans can already take comfort in knowing an extended between-seasons special is on the way that will feature some guest stars to stand toe-to-toe with Brian Quinn, James Murray and Sal Vulcano. And the latest guest revealed to be making an upcoming appearance? None other than Mr. Y2J himself, pro wrestling icon and long-haired metalhead Chris Jericho. 

Someone who has always been known for causing a ruckus both inside and outside the wrestling ring (for better or worse), Chris Jericho stole the spotlight and glory by sharing the news himself on Instagram, as seen below:

As ridiculous as it is, I do enjoy the fact that the first picture there is the more unprofessional version, with Q flipping his middle finger to the camera, while the second one is everyone standing up straight and smiling directly into the camera. I guess the teacher walked back into the classroom just before they took the second one. 

While Sal Vulcano’s shirt is a reference to the year when Chris Jericho got his start in the independent wrestling circuit, the athlete is definitely no stranger to entertaining the masses in situations completely devoid of grappling and body slams. He’s been part of competition shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Drop the Mic, made appearances on Hot Ones, Talking Dead, Tanked, Whose Line Is It Anyway? and many more, most recently with an appearance on truTV’s Fast Foodies. It’s almost surprising that this is the first time he’ll be on Impractical Jokers, since this feels like his jam all the way. 

To be expected, Jericho’s fans and friends were pumped for this reveal, and said as much in the comments. Here are a few below from colleagues from both the AEW and the metal scene.

  • WOOOOW I love this show. Can’t wait to see the ep - Bran Cutler (AEW)
  • What???? My dudes! They’re the best! - Amanda Huber (AEW)
  • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽love these guys wow!!! - Jose Mangin (Sirius XM Host)
  • Yes!! 🔥 - Wednesday 13 (Musician)

Chris Jericho isn’t the only guest star that has been publicized for Impractical Jokers’ upcoming TV special in April. When the installment was first announced, it came with the reveal that comedic actor and Adult Swim regular Eric Andre will be part of the madness. Fun fact: Jericho was a guest on The Eric Andre Show back in 2016 during Season 4.

Though some episodes were removed for content following Joe Gatto’s exit, Impractical Jokers is available to stream on truTV’s website and for those with HBO Max subscriptions. The special is set to debut on truTV, TBS, and TNT on Saturday, April 2, with Season 10 arriving later in the year. While waiting, be sure to hit up our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what else is on the way. 

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