Is Young Sheldon Ending After Season 7 At CBS? Here’s What The EP Says

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CBS’ beloved sitcom Young Sheldon has flourished, as it's brought in strong ratings for the network over the past several years. It's for that reason that the entertainment giant renewed the Big Bang Theory spinoff through a seventh season a few years ago. That decision has proven to be fruitful for execs and fans and, now, some hard conversations need to be had in regard to the show's future. With this in mind, executive producer Steve Holland opened up about whether Season 7 could end up being the show's last.

The comedy series got its big, three-season renewal from CBS back in 2021, and fans seemed delighted at the time. The series later hit its milestone 100th episode and has delivered some very entertaining storylines. So with all of that in mind, one has to wonder if the company is now ready to say goodbye to Sheldon Cooper and his family. Steve Holland discussed the matter with TVLine and straight-up confirmed that discussions regarding the end of the show have begun:

We’ve certainly started to talk about it. When you’re in the middle of a season, it’s such a grind that we haven’t had too many in-depth conversations. But now, as we’re getting to the end [of Season 6], we’ve started to talk about it more.

Now, just to be clear, he merely said that the powers that be are discussing when the show will end, and it doesn't necessarily mean that (at this point) Season 7 will definitely be the conclusion. It's a very big decision and one that could have a major effect on CBS' ratings gains over the next few years. It could also spell the end of not only this series but the Big Bang Theory franchise as a whole. The parent series ended after 12 seasons, and I honestly can't see Young Sheldon getting that long of a run. But one thing I would count on is the execs allowing the show to end properly and receive a fitting finale -- whenever it ends.

At present, the sixth season of Young Sheldon is still airing and has more to cover when it comes to Georgie and Mandy’s journey as new parents. There's also Mary and George’s increasingly intense relationship to consider. And on top of those plot threads, we can likely expect more callbacks to The Big Bang Theory as the series inches closer to Sheldon's eventual move out to California and George’s untimely and heartbreaking death. On tackling major moments, Steve Holland continued:

There are certainly things we know we want to hit next season, and there are certain things where, if it’s the end versus if it’s just [another season], those things might be different. It’s not my decision to make. I don’t think we’ll know for a while, but I don’t think it will affect the first half of [Season 7]; I think it will play out the same either way. But as we get near the end, I think it will play out differently depending on whether this is or is not the final season.

I really hope the show continues past Season 7, because things are heating up, especially after baby Constance’s arrival. Mary and George’s relationship problems have also caused some dark times for the family. As of right now, it sounds like Steve Holland and co. have a lot planned for next season, and I'm eager to see what's in store -- whether it end up being the show's last or not.

Only time will tell as to when we might get official word on the fate of Young Sheldon. Seven seasons certainly aren't anything to scoff at, but fingers crossed that the series gets to live on for at least a few more years. And if not, I'm confident that Steve Holland and his team can hit all of the necessary story beats and precisely position the titular prodigy for the events of the series' predecessor.

Young Sheldon airs new episodes on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS as part of the 2023 TV schedule! You can also stream the show -- and The Big Bang Theory -- using an HBO Max subscription.

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