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Jake Paul’s Outrageous Birthday Post Includes Cars, Nudity And A Vow To Go To Space

Jake Paul responding to Tyron Woodley's tattoo on his YouTube channel
(Image credit: YouTube)

Jake Paul doesn’t half ass anything. If he’s going to taunt someone, he will use his words to try and rip their soul out. If he’s going to start boxing, he will abandon everything else in his life and train incessantly. If he's going to brag, he will compare himself to the best people ever to do it. And if he’s going to wish himself a happy birthday, you better believe it’ll be one of the most shamelessly outrageous and doubletake worthy pictures ever dropped on Instagram.

Jake Paul posted the over the top photo to celebrate his 25th birthday earlier today, and it’s gaudy in all the best and worst ways, even by his own standards. He appears to be completely naked and is partially obscured by his model girlfriend Julia Rose who is rocking a micro bikini, socks and tennis shoes. There are a bunch of cars in the background, and the corresponding caption includes five goals for the next year that range from supporting kids to taking a trip to space. You can check out the Instagram post below…

Is this not the most Jake Paul thing that has ever Jake Paul-ed? Most people on Instagram love trying to make their staged pictures look as authentic as possible. They’ll choose angles or expressions that make the viewer wonder how they were captured so perfectly. This picture, on the other hand, looks like it involves a rented warehouse, a bunch of luxury cars, a professional photographer, a highly coordinated lighting situation and really specific angles to make it Instagram appropriate. It’s an unapologetic and ostentatious display of wealth and success.

And that’s why I think Jake Paul is so fascinating to so many different people. It’s all a show but there’s never any pretense it’s not a show. It’s like every situation he finds himself in, he challenges himself to try and push it further. I need to train for my next fight? Let’s rent a fire truck and push it in a quiet suburb. I want Conor McGregor to get mad and try and fight me? Let’s insult his wife to the point where my own brother tells me I need to cool it. He just has no quit at all.

As for what else Jake Paul might do in the next year, he’s assumedly going to step in the ring again. The social media star turned boxer has a ton of momentum right now after his vicious knockout of Tyron Woodley. He also has a ton of potential choices for people to fight next. I would expect a pretty big name to take him up on the offer, whether it be an aging boxer like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr or one of the bigger MMA guys he has been eyeing, though that’ll be complicated with his feud with Dana White still pushing forward. Regardless, whatever he ends up doing, expect plenty of people to be watching, which is exactly what he wants anyway. 

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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