The (Positive) Reason John Stamos Had Mercy On Candace Cameron Bure After She Stole His Full House Couch

Candace Cameron Bure went viral a few months ago when she channeled her inner Ross and tried to “PIVOT!” a familiar blue couch down a staircase. While we all laughed at the reference to the famous Friends quote, the Fuller House actress was likely more focused on her ulterior motives. It turns out she was stealing the Full House couch that John Stamos famously kept for himself following the end of the iconic ABC sitcom. So why did the Uncle Jesse actor decide to “have mercy” on his TV niece? Apparently it was all for a good cause close to his wife’s heart. 

Caitlin McHugh Stamos started a podcast in March called How Can I Help?, in which she interviews people who are making a positive impact in the world and informs listeners how they, too, can contribute to the cause. Furthermore, all proceeds from the show are donated to the nonprofits chosen by the people she talks to. When Candace Cameron Bure heard about the premise of the podcast, she said she wanted to be involved. Apparently her appearance came at a price though — a pretty special piece of Full House memorabilia. John Stamos didn’t seem too upset at the couch-napping, though, when he promoted the episode on Instagram:

John Stamos joked that Candace Cameron Bure’s interest in Caitlin McHugh Stamos’ podcast was clearly just an excuse to get in his house to steal the couch. What goes around comes around, Katsopolis! 

He said losing the couch was worth it, though, because the Hallmark movie actress and her friend Shelene Bryan were “great” guests on How Can I Help? Bryan founded the organization Skip 1, which encourages people to sacrifice one thing — big or small — in the name of helping to save children’s lives around the world. Candace Cameron Bure serves on the board of Skip 1 and was excited to introduce Bryan and McHugh Stamos.

In fact, in promotion of the podcast episode, the actress posted another Instagram pic from the day of the couch-napping, revealing that her accomplice was none other than Caitlin McHugh Stamos (wearing that lovely “Love Like Jesus, Hug Like Bob Sagetsweatshirt that Candace Cameron Bure designed after the comedian’s January death):

Candace Cameron Bure and John Stamos have both been outspoken in the months following Bob Saget’s tragic death about how much they loved their former co-star. Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo revealed that as she packed up their belongings to sell their house, she gave Stamos her husband’s guitar, since they used to play music together. Perhaps that sweet gift made the sting of losing the couch hurt a little less. 

That blue plaid couch might look familiar not just to Full House fans, but to those who watched the Netflix spinoff Fuller House as well. On the Season 1 episode “Secrets, Lies & Firetrucks,” Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) gave her dad (Bob Saget) a shirt made of the couch’s fabric, and upon seeing Candace Cameron Bure’s video of the couch back in February, Kelly Rizzo confirmed that Saget still had the “Sofa Blazer.”

The famous couch is still with someone in the Full House family, even if it’s not John Stamos. And apparently he’s okay with Candace Cameron Bure taking ownership, especially because it was helpful to his wife’s cause. (That’s assuming they were able to get the couch down the stairs at all, because it looked like no amount of yelling “PIVOT!” was going to work!)

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