Kanye West's Ex Julia Fox Is Writing A Book, And She Already Has A Really High Opinion Of It

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Assuming you don’t live under a rock, you’re probably hyper-aware that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have created and endured some serious drama surrounding their divorce, even getting other celebrities involved in a very Marvel Civil War way. Kardashian has seemingly completely moved on with new boyfriend Pete Davidson, with West's short-lived romance with actress Julia Fox marking his biggest post-split relationship to date. Fox is now writing a book after the breakup with the “Gold Digger” rapper, and she is hyping it up by sharing her own pretty high opinion of the in-development quasi-memoir.

At the Vanity Fair afterparty that followed this year's rambunctious Oscar ceremony (via Variety), Julia Fox was asked about her upcoming book. While she doesn’t give too much detail about it, she does say that she feels it is a “masterpiece,” and seemingly without any irony. Here's how she put it below when asked about this "dream project":

Well, I don’t want to give too much of it away, because I’m very superstitious, so I don’t like to speak of things before they’re finished. But it’s, so far, a masterpiece, if I do say so myself.

There’s kind of a lot to unpack here, honestly. Julia Fox was, first of all, wearing a very distinct look that is as much of a visual masterpiece as anything. Sporting the heavy eye makeup she has become kind of known for, she rocked a black dress that featured a black hand accessory(?) running up her neck, creating the illusion she was being choked. Although out of the frame, the dress was accompanied by a handbag made of actual human hair. An odd choice that would typically mean a bold statement, although Fox claims she was just having fun with the night. If she can bring that kind of left-field unpredictability to the page, there's no reason to think her upcoming book won't be a bonkers ride. 

The look she was sporting was certainly intriguing, as was her new update for her book. Most people don’t call their own work a masterpiece, especially for a first effort in a given field. We love a girl with confidence, though, and the fact that she's already envisioning follow-ups is a sure sign of it.

Previously thought of as a memoir, possibly to center around her relationship with Kanye West, Julia Fox says that she no longer sees the book as memoir, but just as her first book. She also explains that although it is not finished yet, it will be coming out soon. Check out the video of her answer in the Tweet below:

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Julia Fox and Kanye West were only together for around 6 weeks in total, with a lot of that time spent apart due to their hectic schedules. If Fox’s creative endeavor does end up being about the time she spent as his girlfriend amid a pretty drama-filled time between West and Kim Kardashian, I would be quite impressed if managed to stretch that experience out to book-length. While their relationship will likely take up a smaller chunk of the text, I can’t even begin to imagine how many pages Kardashian could fill after around 10 years with the rapper.

Julia Fox talked about packing up her previous life when she started dating Kanye West, which isn’t exactly the most normal or healthy way to kick off a new relationship. Not that the rapper hasn’t drawn plenty of attention and criticisms for his online reactions to her life with her seemingly pretty serious beau Pete Davidson, as well as their co-parenting sitch. A lot of people may look to Fox’s upcoming book for insight into that particular situation, but her use of the word “masterpiece” may be just the thing to get more fans excited about the upcoming book, although there is no current release date.

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