Kim Kardashian Dropped New Lingerie Pictures, As Media Focuses On Famous Exes

Amid all the controversial Kanye West news, and the latest rumors about Pete Davidson’s dating life, Kim Kardashian seems to be thriving as she’s just dropped her latest line of lingerie for her company SKIMS. And while she's out here dropping new lines of lingerie, her exes are making headlines left and right.

As of late Kanye West has been caught up in a myriad of controversies of anti-semitic comments. Meanwhile, the SNL alum seems to be dating Emily Ratajkowski. Meanwhile, the Kardashian sister, she’s been winning awards, promoting her skincare line SKKN and her latest line of lingerie for her shapewear brand SKIMS. 

Kim Kardashian Just Came Out With A New Lingerie Line  

As the holidays start, Kardashian posted a photo of her in a matching set of black lingerie with black rhinestones, which is part of SKIMS Holiday Shop. You can check out her latest lingerie in her Instagram post here: 

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The sparkle jersey mini triangle bralette (opens in new tab) she's wearing retails for $98 and the matching sparkle jersey mini thong (opens in new tab) is $78. The collection also includes lingerie in other colors and styles, a mesh dress and bodysuit, leggings, boxer shorts, cozy fleece pajamas and more. It looks like Kim K is ready for the holiday season.

As for her exes, they’ve been making headlines more than usual over the past few weeks. 

Pete Davidson Is Possibly In Another High Profile Relationship 

As mentioned earlier, it appears that Davidson has found himself in another high-profile relationship with the model Emily Ratajkowski. Photos of the two appeared when they met up in New York City, coincidently right around the time Davidson popped up on the Kardashian's show. 

The rumors about Davidson, whose romantic life has been closely followed for years now, started circulating around the same time people started wondering if the SNL alum would show up on the Kardashian’s reality show (which can be watched with a Hulu subscription). He did end up appearing in an episode, as it showed him and Kim getting ready for the Met Gala, which was three months before the two broke up.

I’d assume that as new episodes of The Kardashians continue to drop we’ll get a bit more insight into Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s fairly short relationship, and who knows, we could get a little insight into their breakup as well.

The Controversy Surrounding Kanye Continues

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West has been all over the news lately. 

About a month ago it appeared the rapper was making an effort to finalize his divorce from Kim Kardashian. This came after he had spent a lot of time trying to reconcile the relationship after his ex-wife filed the papers in February 2021. 

However, in the last few weeks, the Yeezy owner has made anti-Semitic comments that have caused major controversy. Adidas ended its agreement with West following his comments, and other major companies like Balenciaga and Vogue have also cut ties with Ye. He has also said that the financial hits he’s taken have “beat him to a pulp.” 

So, while Davidson has seemingly moved on from Kardashian, and Kanye West continues to make headlines for his controversial comments, Kim Kardashian seems to be thriving in her latest SKIMS lingerie this holiday season.

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