Kim Kardashian Opened Up About Imitators Weeks Before Kanye West Started Dating Her Look-Alike

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The Kim Kardashian “look” is kind of hard to miss, what with the starlet herself capturing it from every angle imaginable in bikini pics for the Gram. So much so that many people actually want to emulate her dark hair, flawless skin, and curviness for themselves. (Even a certain RHOM castmate/old family friend has been accused of being a Kim K. imitator, prompting the one and only to reportedly shade them as a result.) The former Keeping Up with the Kardashians star opened up about those look-alike comparisons further – weeks before her ex Kanye West started dating another supposed look-alike.

How The Copycats Stack Up In Kim Kardashian's View

The new woman in the rapper’s life is 24-year-old Chaney Jones, a chief operating officer for her father’s counseling company. Jones stepped onto the scene in early February, almost immediately after Kanye West’s relationship with Julia Fox fizzled out. The comparisons to Kim Kardashian quickly filed in, too, with spectators noting that Jones’ figure, as well as her fashion, appeared to mimic the infamous reality TV star a little too closely. But if we rewind weeks prior to all this, when Vogue interviewed Kardashian for the future March cover, she actually had a more forgiving take on feature similarities, saying:

I don’t know if I would ever say, ‘Oh my God, this person looks like me.’ I think if someone has dark hair and tan skin people are going to say, ‘Oh, that looks like Kim.’ And that’s not fair, because there are so many people who are just themselves.

After the journalist tells her that that 30 percent of women visiting one plastic surgeon’s office in Beverly Hills asked to look like her, she says, “Wow, I never heard that.” But surely, the more famous instances have come across the reality TV star's radar, such as Drake’s curious choice of video vixen when he was beefing with Kanye West, right?

More recently, Chaney Jones addressed the look-alike suggestions herself and flat-out denied seeing a likeness to the model and fashion icon. She also added at the time that she and Ye don’t speak about his ex at all. The topic of the Skims CEO might eventually come up, though, as even Julia Fox had to grapple with West’s “residual feelings” for the mother of his four kids.

Kim Kardashian Has More Problems Than Look-alikes

From the same Vogue interview, the public has gleaned a ton of insight about Kim Kardashian’s true feelings. Namely, in the wake of the Kanye West/TikTok debacle, the 41-year-old remarked that the Internet blames her and the Kardashian-Jenner family for “everything.” (She has indeed faced criticism since then for later comments about female work ethic.) But the future Hulu star would ultimately say that she was keeping “blinders” on in order to live a happy life.

She might be trying to lead that happy life as best she can, but it’s proving difficult if her ex has anything to say about it. The rapper has taken major issue with Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson, who he’s declared “civil war” on and decided to parody through his music. However, there were consequences for that and other instances for the "On God" rapper, to include a 24-hour suspension from Instagram and the 2022 Grammys cutting him from its lineup of performances.

It's a tangled web they weave, clearly. Despite Kim Kardashian having a soft approach to look-alikes, the same can’t exactly be said about her feelings on Kanye West, which were glimpse through the first trailer for the family’s new show. The show, called The Kardashians, debuts on April 14 as part of Hulu’s line-up of original TV shows.

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