Kim Kardashian Knows The Internet Blames Her For 'Everything,' Explains How She Lives And Works Despite The Noise

KIm Kardashian on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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The Kardashian-Jenner family, whether intentionally or not, tend to find themselves at the center of major pop culture conversations. And usually, they are at the mercy of those conversations, which range in everything from impossible beauty standards to how they make their money to controversial politics. Kim Kardashian, as a matter of fact, has recently come under private and public ire concerning the social media use of her kids. Evidently, the 41-year-old reality star is well aware of exactly how the Internet blames her for “everything,” but she explains exactly how she lives and works despite the noise anyway.

Of late, Kim Kardashian has been at the forefront of a ongoing child-rearing debate after her ex-husband Kanye West publicly condemned her (multiple times) for letting their daughter North be on TikTok. Online critics echoed his sentiments that social media was no place for a 8-year-old, whereas others would point out that West never seemed to care much about their kids being subject to public forums before the divorce. For her March cover issue of Vogue, the former Keeping Up with the Kardashians star touched on the hot topic and shared insight into her thought process, saying that their family gets blamed for:

Everything. There’s definitely an influence, both positive and negative, on how a whole group of people view themselves because of social media. I can see that. I’m not blocked off to the idea that it exists. But I try to think, OK, if I’m raising my kids, how would I react if I felt like there were things on TikTok or Instagram that I wouldn’t want them to see and be a part of? We would have those conversations.

It’s as much as most parents have to consider in a digital age. But the spotlight is, obviously, more so on celebs and decisions ultimately made regarding their children, so Kim Kardashian is constantly in between a rock and a hard place in that way. Not so surprisingly, she deals with the public scrutiny by largely ignoring it. She said,

I just try to live my life and be happy for people. And I think when you just live your life like that, you block it out. It’s like a racehorse that puts on blinders so they can see clearly and straight. You’ve got to just be that racehorse, put on those blinders, and go. And if you start trying to see to the right or the left of you, you’re going to trip up.

Kim Kardashian keeping her head down as much as possible was indeed her main approach concerning her relationship with Kanye West. In the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she largely avoided discussing him at all on camera, which continued for months after she filed for divorce. Only after West’s latest TikTok commentary did Kardashian address his “hurtful” behavior toward her. He responded by accusing his ex of having him take drug tests for custody visits and has since demanded an apology from the entire family. (He also wants one from Billie Eilish.) Most of the controversial posts, however, have been deleted.

It's not too likely, though, that the Internet will follow suit and stop critiquing Kim Kardashian. Nevertheless, it apparently doesn’t matter much anyway because she’s got her blinders on and intends to be “Team Me” for the remainder of her 40s. The Kardashians are missing for the small screen for the moment, but you can find some options on the way with our 2022 TV schedule.

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