After Danica McKeller And Candace Cameron Bure Exits, Hallmark Just Locked Down Another Favorite For The Christmas Movie Season

Tis the season to be poaching, falalalalalala. At least that’s true if you’re rival Hallmark network GAC Family, which has nabbed Danica McKellar, Candace Cameron Bure and some of the other cabler’s biggest names in recent months. However, Hallmark has begun to sign some of its names to new and extended contracts, as well. We’ve learned one fan-favorite has now signed an extended deal in time for this year’s holiday season. That actor would be none other than Ryan Paevey. 

The new deal the actor has signed will be for multiple pictures and will kick off well before people start planning out the holiday season. Per Deadline, Paevey’s next movie will hit the schedule in June as part of Hallmark’s summer lineup. That movie will be called Two Tickets To Paradise, but again with multiple pictures, it’s likely we’ll see Paevey on the Christmas movie schedule this year. 

Ryan Paevey in the trailer for A Timeless Christmas.

(Image credit: Hallmark)

Where Have You Seen Ryan Paevey On Hallmark Before? 

You may know Ryan Paevey for such Hallmark flicks as Unleashing Mr. Darcy, but he also has a Christmas movie or five under his belt. There is, of course, the new classic  Hallmark movie A Timeless Christmas, in which the actor plays a business mogul from the American Industrialist era who time travels to the present. He’s also starred in Christmas at the Plaza, Coyote Creek Christmas and more during the holiday season. 

Plus, it’s worth noting Paevey was one of the notable faces highlighting Covid safety protocols early on during the pandemic as Hallmark became one of the first entertainment companies to get back to work. 

What’s Going On With These Hallmark Deals? 

In the same report, Hallmark head honcho Lisa Hamilton Daly also admitted that she is making plans to lock down more stars now that there is increased competition on the Christmas movies front. She noted to the outlet that “overall deals” is a strategy the channel is aggressively pursuing right now, also stating:

We had a number and then of course when we started, everyone’s like, ‘Well, I really wanna get this person.’ I literally had an email chain one day where they’re like, ‘Well, we have to get this person.’ And I’m like, ‘OK!’ It grows and grows. Apparently I’m very bad at saying no. I also have to say that, because we announced a lot of deals, some of our actors who we worked with who didn’t wanna be under deals were all of a sudden calling me and saying, ‘Where’s my deal?’ They’ve seen the drumbeat of deals. I’m like, ‘OK, we’ll do your deal.’

The network  has locked other stars, including the likes of Lacey Chabert and Taylor Cole down for multiple picture deals in recent weeks, with Cole noting she’s “proud” to have signed a Hallmark deal. Aimee Teegarden also recently signed an exclusive, multiple movie contract. These deals started happening after GAC Family began to poach some of the Christmas cabler’s major names for its own, often similar, content. 

As previously noted, both Danica McKellar and Candace Cameron Bure are doing work for the rival network, now. They aren’t the only ones. Jen Lilley and more have also signed deals with GAC Family. Clearly, from what Hallmark’s head honcho has to say, these deals may just be the tip of the iceberg, but I’m happy to hear Ryan Paevey will keep rolling with Hallmark in 2022. Now, can we please find another time travel-oriented storyline and make A Timeless Christmas 2

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