Lala Kent Addresses Randall Emmett's $10 Million Lawsuit, And How People Were Looking To Her For Money When They Broke Up

It came out last October that Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent had ended her 3-year-long engagement to her then-fiancé Randall Emmett. Photos had emerged of Emmett seemingly hanging out with other women, leading many to speculate that cheating was the root cause of the split. The Bravo reality star has confirmed as much (and more) regarding her ex. Lately, though, she’s getting real about Emmett’s $10 million lawsuit making headlines and how people were actually looking to her for money when they broke up.

Radar Online obtained court documents that showed Randall Emmett, George Furla, and their joint production company were being sued for a whopping $10.8 million in damages by The Fyzz Facility. Emmett and the others involved allegedly failed to pay the company back for a $4 million loan that was intended for a film project called Mexicali with Gerard Butler slated for the lead role. In addition, the suit accuses the defendants of breaking their contract when they used the loan to front a different project with Butler (a film reportedly in post-production called Hair of the Dog) without their agreed-upon permission.

Per the outlet, the big-time Hollywood producer – whose credits include Silence and The Irishman – has been facing other legal matters as well. Supposedly, Randall Emmett is being sued by an insurance company over fraud allegations and also for unpaid rent at his office space. When asked about the eight-figure lawsuit over a loan default, though, his ex Lala Kent claimed she knew nothing about it. She said on Jeff Lewis Live,

I don’t know the ins and outs of it. I was just sent the headline. I don’t really deep dive into what he’s going through because it really has nothing to do with me.

Previously, the Vanderpump Rules alum had shared a lot about the former financial arrangement she had with Randall Emmett. As she told it, she always had her own credit card and bank account throughout their entire five-year relationship, emphasizing that she “never had access to anything he had.” However, Jeff Lewis pressed the star further of late that she might’ve been entangled in the ongoing legal mess if they had gotten married as planned. Kent responded,

Oh, trust me. When the relationship ended, I had people call me to collect money. And I said, ‘We weren’t married. You got to collect elsewhere. Sorry.’

Lala Kent continued, explaining to the host exactly how tricky the current dynamic stands with her ex while they hash out custody and child support of their now 1-year-old daughter, Ocean. Apparently, they came to an agreed upon amount for support three months ago. However, according to Kent, Randall Emmett hasn’t paid it and she doesn’t really expect him to. She also alleged that Emmett’s employees at his L.A. mansion came to her “demanding to get paid” after their breakup, saying she only “hopes” that Ocean’s nanny is currently being paid.

The 31-year-old has maintained in the past that she knew nothing about Randall Emmett’s supposed extracurricular activities until after they went their separate ways. Nonetheless, her Vanderpump Rules co-star Scheana Shay dropped the bombshell that Kent might’ve had an inkling after all.

Vanderpump Rules has been greenlit for a tenth season on Bravo. The main cast hasn’t been confirmed, but Lala Kent has revealed that the reality show likes to “reward” her financially for drama. And judging by all the drama going on in her personal life at the moment, it would seem they’ll keep rewarding her. 

Fans can catch up on seasons past and what was likely Randall Emmett’s last appearance on the show with Peacock Premium, in the meantime.

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