Lala Kent Reveals Which Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars Still Aren't Fully Supporting Her Amidst Randall Emmett Breakup

Two major Vanderpump Rules couples ended their engagements last year: Lala Kent & Randall Emmett and James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss. While the latter supposedly broke up amicably, the former two clearly did not, with Kent shading her ex left, right and center in the wake of his reported cheating. Kent also called out her Bravo co-stars for the lack of compassion aimed at her during the reunion, and even threatened to walk away from the show at the time. In an update on her friendships, the 31-year-old reveals which ones still aren't fully supportive amidst the breakup.

On the latest episode of her Give Them Lala podcast, the Vanderpump Rules alum wanted to make clear that her previous statements about her castmates and their treatment of her was all, apparently, in the heat of the moment. The star amended herself to say that their group has actually been “incredible.” However, there are two co-stars that are still lacking a certain je ne sais quoi in the friend department. She commented:

I mean, Tom has yet to even acknowledge what I’m going through, Tom Sandoval, but I wouldn’t expect anything less. I take him for who he is, ask him about his bar. We talk about him a lot. It’s fine, whatever. And then Ariana, I sometimes don’t think she knows how to approach me — and maybe that’s my fault — but the rest of the group, they’ve been like all hands-on deck. ‘What do you need? I’ll drop everything for you.’ That’s important to say.

It is interesting that Tom Sandoval and girlfriend Ariana Madix were criticized in particular. Sandoval had in fact shared on Watch What Happens Live some weeks back that it wasn't likely that they all would be friends with Randall Emmett anymore, now that he and Lala Kent were broken up. Likewise, it was revealed that Madix and their other Vanderpump Rules co-star, Katie Maloney, had severed business ties with Emmett, who offered $150,000 to them both during the finale episode for their sandwich shop idea. Madix also revealed on social media that the finale fight between her and Lala Kent ended much more lovingly than was shown.

All in all, though, it sounds like Lala Kent is trying to say that some friendships amongst the cast are evidently more one-sided. Surprisingly, this isn't so much the case anymore with co-star Brock Davies. The VR newcomer and fiancé to Scheana Shay was dismissive of Kent’s woes at the reunion and outright shady about them since. Nevertheless, Kent added on her podcast that Davies actually sent a "very sweet message" apologizing for his behavior. As for anyone on the fence about being her friend now that her life looks dramatically different, the reality star had a message for them, saying:

For me, I don't have time. If you are displaying you’re torn in between the two, I'll make it easy for you – goodbye! Because this is actually real easy. Like, there's two sides, you can come over here or you choose otherwise. And if that's the case, then your true colors have shown and I don't want you anywhere near me. Don't call me. Don't talk about me... go away. I thoroughly enjoy burning bridges right now.

Her friendships on Vanderpump Rules might be complicated, to say the least, but the matter of her sex life is a little more straightforward. She's moved on from Randall Emmett completely, and rumor has it, he "looks like Superman"…

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