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Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix Reveals What Actually Happened In The Wake Of Her Finale Fight With Lala Kent

Spoilers for the Season 9 finale of Vanderpump Rules, "Engagement Party Crashers," lie ahead.

Well, the long-awaited fight finally happened – on finale night, no less. Bravo had teased a huge blow-up on Vanderpump Rules between Ariana Madix and Lala Kent, to include a lot of voice-mimicking and the now-iconic line, “Babe, I was born cool.” The how and why it all happened eventually came out in the latest episode. However, Madix has since shared what really went down between the two of them after the on-screen fight.

In essence, Lala Kent had spilled the beans to James Kennedy (in the middle of his engagement party) that Scheana Shay and Brock Davies were planning to upstage his weekend by getting secretly married themselves. Ariana Madix criticized Kent for her poorly timed efforts, resulting in the huge back-and-forth between them. As far as what was shown to fans on that Vanderpump Rules finale, it seemed as though the two co-stars didn't resolve anything. But Madix debunked that theory entirely on her Twitter account. Apparently, their fight ends way better than one could have hoped. See her post here:

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Evidently, the two series alums/former lovers let bygones be bygones fairly soon after their fight took place. Ariana Madix had previously hinted as much would happen. I guess, leave it to Bravo to tease out all their drama for what it's worth, even if it was short-lived.

... Or was it short-lived? Lala Kent and Ariana Madix clearly had a makeup smooch after their argument, but the former claimed recently that the subsequently filmed reunion went left. So left, in fact, that the 31-year-old single mom was seriously considering leaving the show.

Lala Kent explained that she specifically didn't feel support from the cast at the reunion, concerning her breakup with Randall Emmett. (It didn’t help that she also supposedly gets her feet held to the coals about her confessional interviews.) But it is unclear who amongst them were unsupportive, particularly if she felt alienated from her makeout partner despite their reconciliation. Kent's new co-star, Brock Davies, most definitely still has beef with her and, judging by Scheana Shay’s recent tweets on the finale night, she's upset still, too.

Regardless of who amongst her cast she remains on good terms with, sheclaims that she is the happiest she's ever been. Weeks after she called off her engagement to Randall Emmett, the TV personality even shared that she wants to thank the women Emmett supposedly slept around with. She is also tentatively considering the prospect of dating her co-star James Kennedy again.

I'm more looking forward to an Ariana Madix and Lala Kent-Renaissance, though. If a Twitter pic is worth thousand words, then the two could write a whole new story together on Vanderpump Rules. Yet unfortunately, it was revealed in the finale that Randall Emmett indeed decided to invest in Madix’s business idea – so who knows if that complicates their relationship later. To find out more, stay tuned for the much-anticipated reunion on Bravo on January 25 at 9 p.m. EST.

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