Mariah Carey Responds After Her Christmas Classic Hits #1 On The Charts Again More Than 25 Years After Its Release

Mariah Carey in her Christmas special
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Pop icon Mariah Carey is all but the unofficial Queen of Christmas thanks to the song that dominates the holiday season every year. You can count on her standard “All I Want for Christmas is You” to hit the Billboard Hot 100. And this year was no exception. The former American Idol judge responded to the classic reaching the summit again.

The Christmas classic is so ubiquitous (along with its companion album Merry Christmas) that it’s become a holiday staple. With “All I Want for Christmas is You” hitting #1 again, Mariah Carey took to Twitter to celebrate the big news.  The legendary songstress couldn’t hide her excitement about the news, saying:

I can’t even know what to say. The kids just woke me up with confetti… We’re celebrating. This type of news, it’s never like ‘Oh my gosh, I’m so bored of this news.’ To have another Billboard Hot 100 [number one] with this song that means so much to me. I literally don’t know what to say.

After racking up nineteen #1 hits over three decades, it was refreshing to hear the influential singer be so awestruck by the latest news. She was so flabbergasted and grateful to the fans that she couldn’t collect herself. Before she continued with the celebration with her family and friends, Mariah Carey took the time to shout out to her fanbase for making the Christmas song top the chart yet again: 

I’m just so thankful especially Lambily because you guys never ever ever gave up on me, and with this song especially because I think people supported it through good times, bad times [or] whatever… Cheers, guys. I love you so much. I cannot thank you enough.

Carey clearly appreciates the support she has received from her fans over the decades of her career. They’ve stood by her through every twist and turn. To hear the pop icon’s full thank-you message about the occasion, check out her voice recording below:

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“All I Want for Christmas is You” wasn’t always the mega-hit it is today. The song initially didn’t hit the Hot 100 due to rules surrounding commercial releases. The song has increased in popularity and influence over the last three decades.  

The song’s universal success has led Mariah Carey to extend her iconic brand into the holiday season. The pop music legend has starred in two Christmas specials for Apple TV+ along with some holiday-themed television films. Carey continues to release new songs every Christmastime in addition to her two best-selling Christmas albums.

Now, Mariah Carey has reclaimed the #1 spot once more. To get into the seasonal spirit with Carey, just check out her two specials – Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special and Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues – currently streaming on Apple TV+.

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