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Miley Cyrus' Plane Got Struck By Lightning, And There's Video Of The Collective Gasp As It Happened

Miley Cyrus on Hart to Heart
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When it comes to setting out on an ideal journey, I can’t imagine many people would plan for an international flight at night that necessarily passes through thunderstorms. It’s just not the safest or least nerve-wracking way to travel, but obviously that kind of situation will happen whether pilots and travelers want it or not. Miley Cyrus and her team found themselves on just such an unfortunate flight while passing over parts of South America, as the plane they were in was struck by lightning. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that anyone was injured, as everyone made it through safely. But there’s definitely video footage of the strike, and the ensuing gasp from those around, that’s worthy of viewing. 

For those who fear this kind of thing, the video isn’t long or involved, but still quite a shocker, considering it involves something with a high a potential for danger as lightning striking a plane in mid-air. Check out Miley Cyrus’ Instagram post below. 

I can imagine that there was a wild amount of air pressure within the cabin of that plane, as presumably everyone inside gasped hard enough to suck the walls in closer together. And maybe, right after that happened, it turned into an Almost Famous situation where everyone on board started offering up wild confessions and sharing things they'd never told anyone else before. Or maybe they were just like, "Land this thing!" 

Beyond sharing the video, Miley Cyrus also soothed fans worries by saying everyone was okay after an emergency landing. Unfortunately, she notified fans she wouldn't be making it to the Asunciónico Festival in Asunción, Paraguay, for her performance on Wednesday. Of course, the festival already had issues, in that the first day of the celebration was postponed due to massive storms in the area. 

No stranger to putting out eye-catching photos, Miley Cyrus also shared a picture of where the lightning struck the plane. And it's a gnarly looking wound, as it were. So with damage like that, it's understandable why the festival holders decided to play it smart and call things off up top. 

Soulful pop stars are apparently just electric in that way, as fans might remember Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born screening at the Venice Film Festival in 2018 was struck by lightning. Of course, lightning doesn’t always have to be scary, such as this amazing video of a Disney park visitor in a Thor costume, but staying safe is the most important thing by far. 

Miley Cyrus has seemingly had a quiet 2022 so far, at least as far as headline-making oddities go. She did kick things off with the New Years Eve special opposite Pete Davidson, in which she conquered a wardrobe malfunction like a champ, so maybe that was enough for her for a while. Hopefully she can continue the rest of her South American performances without any further delays due to weather. 

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