Nick Cannon Says He Stopped His Celibacy Journey After Tough Year Including Death Of His Son. Now, More Babies Are On The Way

Nick Cannon set the Internet on fire when his fans found out he was expecting his eighth child with model and actress Bre Tiesi. That big update came at a surprising time, given Cannon had just lost his infant son Zen in December 2021. The announcement's timing was also interesting considering the television personality had announced his offspring-limiting celibacy only months earlier. Experiencing these huge life-changing moments weighed heavily on the Masked Singer host, who revealed that due to the non-marathon length of his celibacy stint, more babies just might be on the way later in 2022.

The Drumline actor opened up about staying abstinent from sex while being interviewed on the Lip Service podcast, hosted by Angela Yee. Initially, Nick Cannon and the hosts talked about several topics before the conversation switched to his previously announced celibacy, and he was more than ready to clear up why his sex-free journey ended so prematurely. (No pun intended.) In his words:

Okay, I’m glad I got to talk about this. So, obviously, I did. My therapist when I started my stuff had told me I needed to chill out, so I was like ‘Yo, let’s try celibacy.’ And that was like October. I didn’t even make it to January. That was the whole thing, I was supposed to make it to the top of the year, but then obviously, I started going through some stuff. I just got depressed with the loss of my son and stuff in December. The thing is, everybody saw I was so down, so everybody’s like ‘Let me just give him a little vagina.’ I fell victim to it because I was in such a weak state. So, in December — especially right before Christmas — I started fucking like crazy, and that’s when I like broke the celibacy. I was probably celibate like a month and a half strong.

Given his circumstances at the time, Nick Cannon just wanted to feel better in whatever way possible. Everyone has their ways of coping with grief, so the All That alum shouldn’t be judged too harshly for drowning his sorrows in physical affection. 

After that explanation came to light, the podcast hosts had another topic for Cannon to tackle: his ever-growing line of offspring. When asked if rumors were true regarding the television personality hahaving three more bundles of joy on the way, the entertainer turned a little sheepish before replying with:

Well, yeah. The stork is on the way… I don’t know, it could be. You know, this is what I said, 'If you thought the numbers I put up in 2021 [were crazy]. Wait up until 2022.’ You know there were a lot of kids last year.

Nick Cannon's sorta-admission led to the Lip Service hosts calculating that any upcoming children would presumably be born around September and October. After hearing their estimates, the Wild N’ Out star was surprised by their numerical skills, saying:

Y’all are pretty good at math.

Nick Cannon likely having more children on the horizon beyond the one we already know about isn't the wildest news, given his stance on unprotected sex and monogamy not being a goal for him in post-divorce life from pop music legend Mariah Carey. His views don’t stop the host from being an active part of his kids’ lives despite gossip saying otherwise. But his quest to build a large tribe might actually be ending soon, as the multi-hyphenate revealed he had a vasectomy consultation recently. So, Cannon might be closing up shop on the whole impregnating thing soon, but that presumably won't have any effect on a potential threepeat in 2023. Only time will tell. 

In the meantime, Nick Cannon has a busy schedule outside of parenting his brood. Season 18 of Wild N’ Out will premiere on VH1 on June 21. The Masked Singer was renewed for an eighth season, which will premiere on September 21 on Fox. If you want to keep up with those premiere dates, you can look over our 2022 TV schedule to follow those two shows along with other returning shows.

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