Outlander’s Sam Heughan Has A Whisky Truck With His Face On It, And Graham McTavish Had The Perfect Response

It looks like Sam Heughan is taking a little break from being stuck in the 1700s, because the actor is apparently driving on the coasts of the US in a whiskey truck that has his face plastered all over it. While that basically sounds like the best life to lead, Heughan’s Outlander and Men in Kilts co-star Graham McTavish couldn't help but roast him with the perfect response. 

Sam Heughan is one of the latest celebrities to take up the task of creating their own whiskey brand and, admittedly, it’s very fitting. The Scottish actor named his equally brand after the pet name his Outlander character has for his love, The Sassenach, which is basically just Scottish for “foreigner”. Either way, it works and I’d wager a bet that fans of the period drama are about to trade their wine for some of his brew, if they don’t already indulge in it.

The actor took to his Instagram to announce that he’s been driving around the US with a truck full of The Sassenach Whiskey in order to visit restaurants and stores that will stock his new drink. Personally, I just can’t imagine seeing a truck with the star's face plastered on it and driven by the man himself. I guess I don’t have to imagine, though, because he has pics:

As awesome and exciting as the new venture may be for him, it, of course, was met with some slight roasting from good buddy Graham McTavish. The two previously traveled around Scotland together, drinking and getting pretty cozy for their Starz series Men in Kilts, and it sounds like McTavish has the low down on some of Heughan’s driving habits. Here’s how the actor reacted to his co-star’s Instagram post:

Did you remember to release the parking brake?

Fans are loving the exchange, and Graham McTavish’s comment has thousands of likes and countless laughing emojis in his replies. McTavish and Sam Heughan’s lovely Outlander co-star, Caitríona Balfe, seems to be thinking along the same lines, because she added a similar comment about Heughan’s driving skills. Here’s what she says, exactly:

They let you drive?????

Sam Heughan was hoping to promote his new business venture, but it looks like his friends and co-stars are set on exposing his driving skills as he does so. Heughan tells fans to watch out for him and his truck along his journey, but his colleagues seem to be warning the public that they may actually need to watch out for him. Either way though, fans seem to love everything about his post: whiskey, roastings, and all.

If you don’t see the star and entrepreneur out and about in his whiskey truck, don’t fret, because there will be plenty of him in the upcoming sixth season of Outlander. Production on it has already wrapped, and fans will be able to enjoy Season 6 when it drops on Starz in early 2022!

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