Pete Davidson And His Mom Win The Internet With New Commercial That'll Forever Taint Your Thoughts On Santa Claus

Pete Davidson doesn’t really need a TV show or a movie to promote in order to make headlines, as the actor and comedian has developed a reputation unto itself for being quite the ladies’ man in Hollywood and New York (and wherever Martha Stewart happens to be). And he joined up with the most important woman in his life — Amy Waters Davidson, his mother — for a new ad produced by the gloomy company Manscaped, which will make you picture Santa Claus in ways you probably hadn’t before, but will now be unable to forget. Oh, the ho-ho-humanity!

Manscaped has become quite the recognizable brand name for those who make a point of keeping their nether-regions neat and presentable, and have been a go-to podcast sponsor for years. The company landed a gold mine of a spokesperson in Pete Davidson, whom I think many would agree would be in a Top 10 list of celebs whose genitalia has been discussed the most in the past year or so. And this new ad utilizes the SNL vet’s low-key energy (among other kinds of energies) in a perfectly ridiculous way. Check out the ad below, which is safe for work, even though you still probably shouldn’t watch it there very loudly. 

For those who weren’t able to watch, the gist of the commercial is that Davidson wakes up on Christmas morning with his mum, and after unwrapping most of his other presents, Pete gets one last gift box to open. Naturally, the gift is Manscaped’s Performance Package 4.0, which comes with an assortment of branded products. But the central trimmer, known as the Lawnmower, is suspiciously missing from the box. Who could have taken it?

Of course! The jolliest of jolly men himself, Kris Kringle. But the mythical gift-giver didn’t just take take take. He also left the Davidson family a hilariously long line of pubic hair leading from beneath the plate of cookies all the way to the fireplace. Which brings to mind all manner of curious questions. 

How fast does Santa’s hair grow? Why didn’t Santa just shave his junk in one corner of the living room, or the bathroom, instead of doing it in the midst of traversing from place to place? Was he holding the cookie plate in one hand while shaving with the other, and then put the plate back down on top of that puft of hair? How in the world did Pete and his mom get through all that gift-unwrapping without noticing all the old man pubes all over the place? Are they just stepping over this?

Three cheers for hilariously silly ads like this, which Pete Davidson was wholly into when he signed on with Manscaped over the summer. And he shared an expectedly goofy statement with People about the new Christmas-themed ad, saying:

It's not every day you find a brand that appreciates and even encourages a good ball joke. Before Manscaped, everyone was too afraid to talk about the importance of proper grooming care down there! Their balance of quality products and not taking themselves too seriously is what we need in a grooming brand. Me, my mom, and dirty old Santa can all get behind Manscaped.

According to recent rumors, Pete Davidson may be metaphorically keeping his junk groomed to a T — was that even a metaphor? — as he’s been reportedly linked with iCarly’s Emily Ratajkowski, who’d previously made headlines for a supposed fling with Brad Pitt. But as it has gone with the actor’s other trysts, he’s not talking about things publicly, so it’s hard to know where things stand. But when it comes to hard things standing… (Rim shot.)

Beyond his Manscaped ad(s), Davidson will eventually return to the small screen to head up his first big TV show, as he’ll co-star with unretired icon Joe Pesci for the Peacock comedy Bupkis. Granted, reports from the set pointed to the Meet Cute star having a massive meltdown that allegedly led to him taking a mandated break from filming. But it's probably nothing a little male-grooming wouldn't fix. Actually, if that did fix anything, then there was probably a bigger problem than anyone was aware of. 

Check out Pete Davidson's SNL highlights with a Peacock subscription while waiting to hear more about his new show, and head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what's popping up soon.

Nick Venable
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