Fellow SNL Alum Jay Pharoah Jokes About How Well-Endowed Pete Davidson Is, And How He Compares

Pete Davidson may not be dating Kim Kardashian anymore, but that hasn’t made anybody less interested in his love life. The actor’s dating history speaks for itself, as he’s been involved with women including Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber, Phoebe Dynevor and more. So is it the sweet and self-deprecating personality that so many have spoken about? Is it because he’s funny? Or does it have more to do with what Davidson’s packing below the belt? Saturday Night Live alum Jay Pharoah claims to know just how well-endowed the fellow comedian is, and he shared how he stacks up.

Jay Pharoah, who was on SNL from 2010 to 2016, spoke to SiriusXM about fellow comedian Pete Davidson, who joined the famed sketch comedy in 2014. When asked his opinion on why the Bodies Bodies Bodies actor is so popular with the ladies, Pharoah said he’d asked the same thing, revealing: 

Hey man, it's Pete. There's something in the sauce. He got something, OK? So I talk to him, I said, 'Pete, man, what is it?' I said, 'What is it? What'd you do? What is it? How you do it?’ He told me what it was. It's his endowment. That's what he told me it is.

Case closed? Pete Davidson has joked before that he’s the “diamond in the trash,” but Jay Pharoah claims to have heard straight from the horse’s mouth (among other horse-related metaphors) that being well-endowed has paid off for him. This begs the question of what exactly the actor is working with, and Pharoah was able to answer that too, joking about how he compares:  

He confirmed it. He was like, ‘Yeah bro, it's like 9 inches.' I was like, 'What? Word. Oh snap, we twins. That's crazy.’

Twins, Jay? Gotcha. Rumors about Pete Davidson’s “Big Dick Energy” started with ex-fiancée Ariana Grande alleging he was “10 inches” back in 2018. Kim Kardashian admitted she was intrigued by his reputation when they met on the set of Saturday Night Live last October, and Scott Disick hinted at the size of Davidson’s package as well, when he commented “Where’s the tripod?” on one of Kardashian’s pics from her and her then-boyfriend’s vacation in the Bahamas.

Even Kanye West was apparently threatened by the comedian’s “BDE,” as he reportedly got into an argument with Charlamagne Tha God after his estranged wife began dating Pete Davidson. The Breakfast Club host said Ye called him, upset because, “My wife is out here fucking a white boy with a 10-inch penis.” You can check out Jay Pharoah’s full response below:

Since Pete Davidson’s relationship with Kim Kardashian ended, he hasn’t been connected to anyone romantically, though many are speculating on a potential next move, now that Gisele Bündchen is single again. And Martha Stewart didn’t exactly say no. Currently, however, the actor seems to be going through it on the set of his upcoming Peacock series Bupkis, and was apparently asked to take some time off after reportedly causing some damage on set during a meltdown.

For now, while you won’t see Jay Pharoah or Pete Davidson at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, check out all of the confirmed guest hosts for Saturday Night Live’s Season 48 and catch the show at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC, or on streaming the following day with a Peacock subscription

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