Saturday Night Live Is Losing Kate McKinnon And More Stars Alongside Pete Davidson

Kate McKinnon Saturday Night Live
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Saturday Night Live is on the verge of wrapping on its 47th season, and that finale will reportedly be the end of an era for multiple stars. Shortly after news broke that Pete Davidson was expected to depart the show after eight years, reports state that Kate McKinnon and other notable names are expected to leave SNL at the close of Season 47 as well. 

Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney are leaving Saturday Night Live at the end of the current season, according to Deadline, which further reports that fans can expect a large group goodbye at the end of the Season 47 finale, which airs on May 21. The episode will be hosted by Russian Doll’s Natasha Lyonne, with Japanese Breakfast as musical guest.

The departures of these three stars not only cost SNL some of its most recognizable and reliable cast members, but also some of the longest-running. While Kenan Thompson – who hit a major milestone back in March – holds the record as the cast member with the longest tenure so far, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant both joined SNL in 2012. 

McKinnon – who is as funny when she breaks and laughs in the middle of a sketch as she is when delivering the punchlines – became a repertory player in 2013, with Bryant promoted in her second season. Both actresses have made names for themselves for their impersonations as well as regular contributions, with McKinnon playing everybody from Ruth Bader Gins​​burg to Hilary Clinton to even Justin Bieber. For her part, Bryant has impersonated real-life figures such as Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Ted Cruz. 

Their departures aren’t altogether surprising, as rumors have spread about them leaving for quite some time. Aidy Bryant commented on her future at Saturday Night Live back in March when she said that she would judge how she felt by the end of the 47th season. She also found some success on the small screen elsewhere than SNL, as the star of Shrill, which ran for three seasons. (You can check Shrill out with a Hulu subscription.

Kate McKinnon has landed movie roles over her years at SNL as well, and branched out into scripted TV for Peacock’s Joe vs. Carole, although the project was widely panned by critics. Rumors spread of her departure in Season 47 going back to November

Kyle Mooney hasn’t had quite as long of a tenure on SNL as Kate McKinnon or Aidy Bryant, but has still been part of the show longer than Pete Davidson after joining in 2013. He was promoted to repertory player at the beginning of Season 41. 

Assuming that these three along with Pete Davidson do indeed leave Saturday Night Live at the end of the Season 47 finale, then it won’t be an episode to miss. See the final episode of the 47th season on Saturday, May 21 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. For some viewing options once SNL is done for the season, be sure to check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule

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