Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy Hilariously Shades Ex Austen Kroll After His 'Medusa' Comparison In Season 8

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We knew this would happen, didn't we? Many months ago, amidst filming Season 8 of Southern Charm together, co-stars/exes Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll were already trading shady (but mostly harmless) insults back and forth in the press. Now, though, fans are seeing how their signature messy dynamic played out in real-time as the related episodes are coming out on Bravo. Kroll, in fact, likened his hairstylist former flame to “Medusa” in one recently aired scene – and surprise, surprise, LeCroy hit back in the present day with some hilarious shade of her own.

In the July 7 episode of Southern Charm, a reality show that follows the complicated relationships of one Charleston friend group, Madison LeCroy’s engagement to the relatively unknown Brett Randle took center stage. Some of the male cast members had been having a BBQ for the Bros when the surprise news came out, and Austen Kroll coldly remarked at the time, “What a poor bastard he is to a life of servitude with fucking Medusa.” When Page Six asked about LeCroy's reaction to the comment, the 31-year-old flipped it on its head, saying,

Well, if I was Medusa, I would have turned his ass to stone a long time ago.

Oh, s-s-s-snap! (Snake-hair pun.) And she ain’t lying. Madison LeCroy famously caught her ex-boyfriend in the middle of cheating on her with two other women, all of which was recorded for posterity. The two didn’t break up for good then – that came later and after much more discord. But when the split happened, it went down in truly dramatic fashion. The Season 7 reunion of Southern Charm actually concluded with castmate Craig Conover and his friend Kroll dropping those huge bombshell allegations that LeCroy had been hooking up with MLB legend Alex Rodriguez. (A-Rod and then-fiancée JLo called off their engagement not long afterward.)

The mother of one told the outlet of late that she thought they “had moved on” from their tumultuous on-screen saga. It looked as much form the outside looking in, too, given the former couple had a nice (and slightly awkward) conversation during a party in the premiere episode for Southern Charm’s Season 8. Madison LeCroy added that she had expected only a bare minimum congrats from her ex about her engagement, but that ultimately, he “showed his true colors” with the Medusa dig. She continued,

I thought that I actually was fairly nice, because I do wish the best for him. But, you know, now I take that back.

It’s speculated that some kind of further beef is part of Madison LeCroy’s future storyline on Southern Charm. After all, the Bravo alum went on record that most of the cast is not invited to her upcoming wedding. She claims it’s to keep things “intimate,” but who knows? Maybe Craig Conover’s new girlfriend Paige DeSorbo will be one of the only chosen few, since LeCroy has seemingly taken a shine to the Summer House brunette herself.

What we know so far about the upcoming nuptials is that they will not be filmed by Bravo at all. Madison LeCroy’s mysterious husband-to-be is apparently an “introvert,” or so she says, which is why he isn’t featured on Southern Charm this season. Although, the TV personality has hinted that Brett Randle might be more visible in the next season of the show…

Either way, future congratulations are soon in order for the couple – just not from Austen Kroll, clearly. Madison LeCroy quipped that she’ll take the Medusa comparison “as a compliment,” for now. Hopefully, we hear more of her notoriously blunt thoughts about those A-Rod fling rumors, specifically, in the coming weeks – unless the cast is under some kind of cease-and-desist about it all? Because we’re three episodes in, and oddly, no one’s said a peep about it… 

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