Station 19: Did Vic Finally Reach The End Of Her Downward Spiral In Midseason Finale?

Vic Hughes looks frustrated on Station 19.
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Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for the Station 19 Season 5 winter finale “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” You’ve been warned.

Vic Hughes has been in turmoil since the tragic death of Dean Miller, and not just in a physical sense, though she was electrocuted during the same emergency and suffered a heart attack in the aftermath. Vic seemed to bottom out emotionally in “A House Is Not a Home,” when she demolished a bathroom and kissed Jack. But her actions in the winter finale “All I Want for Christmas Is You” proved she wasn’t done spiraling yet, and it’s got me wondering: Will the consequences she faced (and narrowly avoided) in the latest episode be enough to put her on the road to recovery?

As Vic was cleared to return to work, she made questionable choices (to put it kindly) on a Crisis One call, she put a woman and child in danger, and she continued to push her firefighting boyfriend Theo away without just cause. Let’s take a closer look at what went down with Hughes this episode.

Vic’s Actions In Domestic Abuse Situation Endangered A Woman And Baby

The Crisis One team responded to a domestic abuse call in which Amy, a wife and mother, informed the team that she was in danger but couldn’t leave her aggro-husband because of her young son. As tensions rose and the couple asked the firefighters to leave, Vic's instinct was somehow to pick up the baby and try to get Amy to leave with her. The situation turned out okay in the end, as the police eventually arrested the husband and Amy safely took the baby to her cousin’s house, but Vic legitimately almost got arrested for attempted kidnapping, and more importantly, she put that already endangered woman and her child in a potentially worse situation.

Vic Put Miller’s Crisis One Program In Danger

While Amy and her baby were the priority during the ordeal, they weren’t the only ones put at risk due to Vic’s bad decisions. The Crisis One program, which Dean Miller started, could have easily been shut down. The firefighters already don't have the best relationship with the police, and with the new chief in charge, I could easily see the PD putting pressure on the fire department to shut down that vital program after Vic’s near miss.

Will Vic And Theo’s Relationship Survive?

Vic admitted to Theo that she kissed Jack, which was another questionable choice by any means, but Theo was more concerned about whether or not Vic had been in love with Miller (she hadn’t). But she was practically begging Theo to break up with her, asking if he hated her, saying that she wouldn’t blame him for leaving, and she pushed it to the point where he did walk away. Not the kind of provocative behavior he was looking for, I'm sure .

Why I Think Vic Will Rebound In 2022

The near-disasters that Vic encountered (or caused) during “All I Want for Christmas Is You” led to frank conversations with both Jack and Theo. And although she initially scoffed at Jack’s suggestion that she was making irrational decisions and needed to take more time off, I think it really hit home when Jack pointed out that Crisis One is Miller’s legacy and thus all they have left of him at this point.

Theo was straight-forward with her as well, pointing out that she was pushing him away. I don’t know if their relationship will be saved, but I do think that those two conversations struck a chord with Vic that will hopefully allow her to admit she’s not okay. Yet. 

Station 19 is on hiatus until Thursday, February 24, when it will return with a dramatic crossover event with Grey’s Anatomy. In the meantime, see what other fall finales are coming up, and take a peek into what’s in store for next year with our 2022 TV Schedule.

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