Taylor Swift Fanbase Or Mere Coincidence? Egg Prices Have Dropped Following Trevor Noah Request

Taylor Swift reacting to Beyonce's record-breaking Grammy win 2023
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Taylor Swift fans are mighty, so much so that droves of them led Ticketmaster to basically break when a historic influx of buyers logged on the site to try and grab their tickets to her upcoming Eras Tour. In the aftermath of tons of Swifties facing the wrath of Ticketmaster, the Senate even called a hearing about the situation. Yep, that’s their power. The recent ordeal was the subject of a joke by Trevor Noah during this Sunday’s Grammys as the host called for Swifties to fix egg prices while sitting next to Swift. Just a couple days later, prices actually fell. 

So, are Swifties actually magic, or what? Before we break down what’s going on with egg prices in the United States, check out the Grammys moment between Taylor Swift and Trevor Noah: 

During the Grammys moment, Trevor Noah commended Taylor Swift for having “the best fans in the world,” noting what they did with Ticketmaster, which now may see a change in policies as a result of what went on with the Eras tour. Noah then asked if the fans could take that sheer power and put it into handling the price of eggs. Swift responded by saying “there’s really nothing that they can’t accomplish” before saying they would “get on it.” 

As you may have noticed if you’ve been grocery shopping over the past few months, eggs have been a lot more pricey lately. Due to a historic outbreak of bird flu in the U.S., Grade A eggs previously rose to record highs to over double their usual price. However, as CNBC reported, coincidently just a couple days after the Grammys, egg prices could finally be on the decline again. It has us double-taking whether Swifties somewhere somehow are behind the sudden shift in the egg market. They were certainly encouraged by the Grammys moment, posting things like this on Twitter

The actual news report does not include any reference to Swifties somehow landing on some loophole to lower egg prices following the Grammys moment, so it looks like this is a huge coincidence, but that’s not going to stop Swifties from theorizing about the whole thing (or all of us having fun with it), because it’s what they love to do. 

It’s not enough that Easter eggs in music videos for Taylor Swift’s upcoming music are already all the rage; now actual eggs are in the public conversation alongside Swifties. The report came thanks to trends around egg wholesale prices falling, perhaps signalling that retail prices will soon follow. While this is more than likely a chance occurrence, maybe we should get Swifties on more of our widespread issues? 

Taylor Swift won on Sunday night for Best Music Video for “All Too Well,” which Taylor Swift directed and starred Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink. Coming off her critical-acclaim for what was also essentially a short film, Swift is set to direct her first movie with Searchlight Pictures. Treat yourself to a big omelet in her honor! 

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